Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summer at The Field

This is the place where you would find us most mornings.  Cohen and Livvy were champs about getting up and walking pigs.  Luckily, Grandma Lyman would meet us down at the Field to help ward off the other animals and clear the field so we could just focus on walking pigs without horses running at us.  I know that shouldn't be freaky but it is!!
Pretty much every morning, Livvy would keep her eyes out for any critter that she can catch.  This morning when I was trying to take 4H letter pictures, she was trying to catch a bunny.  She had caught it before as a baby but now that the bunny was older he could get away faster from Livvy.
Cohen is a magical wonder to me.  He is so great at chores.  Never to neglect or put off anything.  He would just rather get it over with.  One thing that was really hard this summer was to work as a team.  If we didn't, we would spend our morning frustrated chasing after those pigs getting muddy.  Those days are not fun.  But when we could work together, and we all held our tongue not to criticize and just did our part as a team, those were the good days.
Livvy's pig was a fat one and she practiced all summer to jump on her.  So gross if you ask me but this little lady loved it.  The pig didn't seem to mind either.
Really, the best thing I could do for Mason is tie him up in a stroller.  Just watch.  He will have his day.
Cohen's a fast little monster when he wants to be and he really enjoys getting a rise out of Olivia.  He thinks he's so funny....until it isn't.
Cohen is not a huge fan of animals or pigs.  He never had the attachment to the animals like Olivia does but one thing Cohen will always do ... his job.  He can't stand an assigned chore to be ignored.  So he is first to get up in the morning and the first one to the car.  I love him even when some days just involved him sitting on the ground working through his frustrations.

I have a feeling Coy cannot wait for the opportunity to have a pig.  It's real cute when morning came and he wants to wake up and go with us.  The summer was a good experience for us.  It taught a lot of patience.  Well...I think we have a lot of practice in patience especially me but I can't wait to master it a little more though cause most days it got the better of me!  All I know is I love these two rug rats.

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