Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cohen's Soccer Camp

Meet Sonny.  He's from Ireland and has a fantastic accent.  I mean a REALLY fantastic accent!!  He was so super nice and Maxon and Cohen had fun.  Well... if you call Maxon losing his front tooth and Cohen wanting to come home sooner than it was over... BUT really, they did have so much fun!  I was impressed by the way the camp was run.  It was well worth it!   There were 4 teams in their camp and each was a different country.  Cohen's team was Spain.  They would begin with playing games and end with a game against another team.  At the end of each game the coach would line the kids up and have the winning team stand up so everyone could clap.  Then we would have an individual stand up to get personal recognition.  Cohen scored so the coach had him stand and everyone clap for him.  It made him want to score more.  I think it is great to recognize the kids like that.  On the contrast they would have "Sarah" stand up and say if it wasn't for Sarah the other team would have scored more goals!  Then they would cheer for her. 

All in all, I would definitely go up for another week so Cohen could do another session.  He learned a lot and is really good at soccer!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lyman boys!

 Who does little Mason look like?  Cohen? Coy?

I am thinking Cohen's shape and Coy's features.  Whatever the case, they are stinkin' cute Lyman BOYS!

Benita + Horse show = fun

 I was so excited for Benita to come visit.  She is one of the most chill people I hang around.  It is just a bonus that she is my sis.  It was soo soo fun to have her here and of course my kids loved it.  J was out of town when B came down to hold Baby M in person.  Things are kinda crazy with four and you know what she helped me do?  She helped me clean all my blinds one by one.  LOVE HER!!!!!!  Who does that?  B does.  She also helped me with kids, chores and we spent the day at Olivia's horse show.  It was very fun to have her here.
 The day started out cool and rainy. But quickly turned HOT!  (Notice Benita's sunburn?)  Look at these cute cousin cowpeople!

 Averie rode Chiquita. She did awesome!

 Even Cohen decided to mount up.
 Livvy rode Tex.  She did amazing!  It was so hot and she didn't complain once.  At one point the judges said they didn't need to wear their long sleeve button shirts anymore and Livvy was going to take her shirt off until she realized that she was just wearing a tank top.  She decided to keep her shirt on because she wanted to be modest!  Love that girl.  HA HA!  She has listened to one too many YW lessons of mine.  So proud of her.
 Baby M did great. Although he was a million degrees on me!  It was a long, tiring day.  I put a very tired Olivia to bed.  She could barely stand up.  That is my most favorite thing.  She loved it. 

 Sunday afternoon Benita was going home.  We were all sad...including McCoy.  He would not get out of her car.  He was convinced that Benita had a room set up to live there.  Thanks Benita for all you do!

Go Green Machine!

 T-Ball time!!! This team's name was Green Machine and Cohen couldn't be more thrilled!  You know how he loves green!! 

 There are lots of emotions these little guys go through during T Ball!!  They learn, they throw fits, they refuse to stand and play, they make home runs, they goof around, they look forward to snacks (Cohen's #1 reason for going to T-Ball) and they endure the month season.  Cohen did great!  Jeremy sent an email thanking his coach Eva and this is what she had to say about Cohen:

"He's got a brilliant personality. I'm sure there's never a dull moment for you and your family with him around. It's a blessing to have such a vibrant kid. I had a really good time being his coach."


AWW!! My little guy is so handsome!! He is officially done with Preschool! He is so ready to take on the new adventure of Kindergarten.  He had a great year with his teacher Mrs. Lana.  She was soo good with the little guy and always took the time to be patient and loving to Cohen.  SOOO proud of you Cohen!!!

First Grade Finished!!!

This is Olivia's 1st Grade picture.  Had I had known that they were going to showcase her shoes instead of just a close face shot I would have chosen better jeans and shoes!!  Oh my goodness!  BUT good thing she is beautiful no matter what her clothes look like!!!!  (P.S. Note to self:  On picture day - dress head to toe!)

What a great 1st Grade year Olivia had!  She had an amazing teacher and Olivia just excelled.  She loved Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. Brewer loved her.  Olivia would come home from school and tell me all about the new things she learned about her teacher.  I would always ask, "But did you learn anything else?"  She would say no.  It was evident that she did though.  Her grades were high and she loved going to school.  What more could a mom ask for??  For the end of the year gift I asked Olivia what she wanted to give her teacher.  She spent a few days thinking about it and she told me a whole lot of pencils because the kids were always running off with them!  So that is what she got!  A WHOLE LOT of pencils!

Nana Visits

 Nana came!  My mom came to see my new little Mason and brought the best thing ever...Lots of snacks to fill my pantry. (THANK YOU!)  It was great and Cohen and Coy were in heaven.

McCoy is just to the stage where he is trying to figure out who everyone is.  "Nana is my mom's mom" he kept saying.  Then he would go through all the grandparents and how they were related.  It is cute to see the wheels spin in his head.  McCoy really wanted to go home with my mom.  He knew Benita was there so to him it seemed fabulous.  He cried and cried when I said it would have to be another day. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

There is no way I could have asked for a better Father for my kids. He is patient and kind and loving and completely amazing.


Lake Powell

No crazy amount of wind was going to keep me from going to Lake Powell to meet up with my friends! Although it should have. I have a new baby! DUH!! I was panicking a little on the speed boat as we were getting hit with some waves.  It probably wasn't a good idea since I didn't have a life jacket for my baby, but I said a little prayer and we made it safely across the water to the houseboat! It was so worth it!  We had so much fun for the few hours we were there and of course the weather calmed down.  Love this group of little people although they have grown up so much since I have seen them last!!

Anastyn loved on Mason.  It was cute and proof that she will make a good big sister...someday!!!

Although the wind died down it was still pretty cold, but that didn't deter the girls from getting in the water!

We always have so much fun laughing and playing together.