Monday, April 29, 2013

Mace is ONE!

 OH my goodness!!  I am so in love with this little man.  He is so cute I could eat him!!  Mason was teething this day and was super grumpy and Noelle was able to capture something that I couldn't and I am so grateful to her. 

 Mason was showing Benita how big he was at his 1 year old check up!  He's 17 lbs! Soooo big!

Mason is in love with being outside, especially when he sees his little car.  He doesn't ever want to get out of it or the little 4-wheeler we have.  This kid never throws fits but MAN if you take him in before he wants ...he will let you know it! 

 Mason and his little buddy Wyatt.  He is about 6 weeks older.  So cute! 

Mason is such a chill little guy even at 1.  He eats any and all food in front of him.  He loves his veggies.  He says mama and "nak"  which is snack.  Of course he's a Lyman boy and loves his snacks!  He sleeps like a dream, to bed around 8 and up around 10 the next morning.  He is absolutely adored by his brothers and sister.  One day Mason kept pulling my folded laundry pile off the table and after about the third time pulling it off and me refolding it, I said, "No-no" as I wagged my finger at him.  Mason put his head down real sad.  Coy came huffing over and got right after me.  "Mom, he's just a baby!" Then he continued to coo at Mason till he was smiling.

Mason can get around real fast by crawling and bear crawl but no view of when he is going to give that up.  He gets real mad if I try to practice walking.  So for now, he is completely content.
Dear Mason,

My favorite thing to do with you when no one is around is snuggle in the big chair and sing songs with you.  When I see you clap, it's about the cutest thing in the world!  You are quick to learn but you are very curious.  You want to get in all the cupboards and you find it fun to unroll the toilet paper roll!  GRRRR!!  It is impossible to be mad at you cause you squeal and crawl away real fast.  I am pretty sure you have swallowed a Lego or two but so far you've lived!   You have brought so much love into our house and I am so blessed to be your mom.  Livvy is your biggest cheer leader.  She takes credit in teaching you many tricks.  Stay happy baby boy!

Love, Mom

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Who needs school??

With all our family in for their Spring Break, we all decided to take a day off and see what Moab had to offer!  We went to the Petting Zoo and ended up at the HUGE sand dune hill and got a week's workout climbing up and down it.
 This petting zoo was perfectly contained for all the kids. She they ran all over feeding and playing with different animals.  Coy was in animal heaven.  He was the last one to leave and I had to force him out.  He kept saying, he had to see one more animal!
 They had this camel  or rather called "Kiss the Camel."  This camel loves carrots and would kiss you for it.  Several of the kids tried.  Livvy was NOT going to do it but gave in later and gave it a try.  I saw Candice do it a few times!  (Just sayin')
 So do you think Cam tried out her kissing ability on the Camel?  NOT!  That is as close as she got!
 Maz was not going to do it either. Gross!

 Logan did it!  Coy did NOT.

 All the animals were super friendly and ready to eat our goods. 

From here we went to the large sand dune hill.  It was so much fun and the weather was perfect!!  Could not have asked for a better day.  Grandma bought us all pizza for lunch.

 The boys were trying to dig out a tunnel, which makes me nervous but they had fun.  We had sand everywhere!  I think Coy was the worst though.  He slid and slid, forward and backward and could not get enough of the sand. 
 Kristi made a good call when bringing sleds.  They worked great and were so much fun!  Even I went on it with my buddy Cohen.  Sooo fun.  We will definitely be doing this again!

Easter Sunday

Well, for the record, the Easter Bunny did make it to our house.  He hid the baskets in some easy and not-so-easy spots. Cohen was so grateful for the holidays where his parents didn't have to pay for expensive prizes.  He said he saves all his big wishes for Santa and the Easter Bunny and any other holidays where he gets "stuff" so that we don't have to pay for those big ticket items.

We had Easter dinner at Jeremy's parents.  Jeremy made Leg of Lamb.  It was such a nice, relaxing, quiet day.  A day of reflection. 

Recapture Easter Picnic

Most years we go out to Recapture Pockets and celebrate Easter with an egg hunt and picnic. We really never know what the weather is going to be like but this year it was HOT! Well, not H.O.T. just warm hot. But definitely warmer than we have seen for months! Jeremy made fried chicken and it was gooood! We all decided to hit up Subway on our way out of town so we didn't have to bring sooo much stuff. It was a good choice but we still brought sooo much stuff! The kids had so much fun hiking around and trying to catch some lizards.  Those things are fast!! 

Mason and Palmer enjoyed the dirt.  Palmer sported her new sunglasses.

The boy crew.
I am quite sure we found eggs that were hidden last year and I am quite sure we left some eggs to find next year. 

We all took 4 wheeler rides and chatted, some volleyball was played, and all of us had a great time.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our "Egg" Family

 The kids were having a crazy day and so we decided to funnel their energy into egg making!  They had so much fun.  ESPECIALLY since they could turn these eggs into an animal egg family.  Livvy was the perfect big sister to help everyone out! 

 Livvy's favorite was the Bunny.  (Who knew!)

 The whole "Egg"  Happy Family

Spring Break Part 2

When we got home from Cedar Hills it was good to see the boys! I very quickly figured out that I didn't want to hang out in Blanding the rest of the week because Jeremy had so much work to do that he was going to be at the office until midnight every night. With not much pushing from Benita, I loaded up the kids and set off. It was a little further than I had remembered, but we finally made it and the weather was amazing! Livvy kept making comments like, "I can't believe people live in this heat!" (It wasn't even very HOT! lol)

We played and played and swam and swam.  It was very fun.  We spent most of the time at Nana's house with Lori and then we headed to Benita's for the last night. 

The kids didn't forget to make the leprechaun trap.  Livvy thought for sure she was going to catch it this year but that sucker got away with her money.  He did leave some treats and messes though.

B and I went to fill up on gas and the cashier noticed we weren't wearing any green.  I completely forgot about the green and she was nice enough to give us a necklace so we wouldn't get pinched!