Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mason 1 Month!

My sweet little Baby Mason is 1 Month!!  He is a doll.  He weighs 7.2 lbs and is LOVED by his brothers and sister.  It is crazy how much love can come into a home with a new baby.  He is still working out his crying issues and is getting better all the time.  If only he would sleep through the night....

These are Mason at 3 weeks.  What a difference a week makes!!  Livvy is still lovin' on him.  I love it!

10 Years

There is pretty much nowhere I would rather be than here by your side!  Happy Anniversary Babe!!  I love you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mason Randomness

Little Mason..  We are glad to have at home!  He is 3 weeks here.  6.4 lbs.  Not quite up to birth weight yet but we are working on it.  I swear he looks different everyday!!
It has been crazy around the Lyman household getting adjusted to the new baby.  I am pretty sure it will take a while to fully adjust but we sure love our new addition.  I wanted to post the randomness that has been going on.

Jeremy works at the hospital where I delivered him.  He thought it was great because he could go to his office and work and then come see me.  I however, did NOT think that was so great.  Since when can you leave your wife in labor to run to the office for a "sec."  He only did it once.  He chose to stay with me! :)

J got Mace all ready to come home.  They are always so little to fit in such a big seat!

I finally got ready on Sunday.  Jeremy's dad was speaking in Stake Conference and I sneaked in the back and listened and then sneaked out again.  It felt sooo good to get out.  I did change back into sweats though.  Lately sweats are my best friend.

Love this pic with Dad.

First time Mason was alert but I couldn't get him to look at me.  Tons of dark hair but I am pretty sure I see it turning blond.  His blue eyes are coming through too.

 I gave Mace a bath for the first time.. He is so tiny he just used a washcloth as a blanket with room to spar.

 This was one of Mace's first pictures.  He has a clogged tear duct and still does.  Drives me nuts!  Hopefully it clears up soon so he can see!

Most of the time you will find me this way.  He likes to lay on me and it seems like it's the best way to calm him down.  He is pretty fussy and likes to be held.  So that is my excuse!

Livvy helps tend him during his colic hours at night.  She likes to cuddle with him and pretend he is her own.  She made a bed for him using her American Girl Doll bed.  It was super cute. She will make one fantastic mommy.

Livvy does her reading while she cuddles.  Her Aunt Mary recommend the Junie B books and Livvy loves them.  I think Mason does too!

Cohen is already teaching Mason how to roar like a dinosaur.  The boys just adore him.  Cohen thinks it's great to be the biggest of all the boys (that is since he can't be the oldest kid.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Circus Comes to town!

When the circus comes to town... you go!! New baby or not! We went to Monticello for the event with Grandma and Grandpa, the Redds and the Harrisons.  It was a lot of fun.  A little "carny", but we all had a great time!  Livvy, Cohen and Carter were the only ones to ride the elephant.  They were pretty cool!

Cohen was inseparable from his dad!  Other than when he was with his buddy Logan.
Cohen wanted a light saber and the other two wanted animal rides.  Coy knew exactly which pony he wanted and Olivia was set on the camel. 

Baby Mason Visitors

I don't think I could have been more happy than to see my 3 kids walk in to meet their new brother.  They were all in love.  Livvy took charge of holding him, of course. 

McCoy bounced in the room and saw the baby and just stared at him.  Then while pointing asked, "Is that your baby?  Did he come out?"  Yes.  "Oh, my baby isn't out yet."  I nodded.  Love that little guy!  Coy held Mason for half a second and then was done.  He was more interested in the surroundings.

Cohen was adorable too.  He kept saying, "Your baby is cuuuttteee!" with his big Cohen smile.

Olivia never wanted to leave.  She stayed with me for hours and held the baby and cuddled.  It was so amazing.  She is so sweet. 

Tiff was my first visitor.  She was amazing.  I was so emotional and worn out and she just helped me by being there.  I am so happy we became friends.  She has one of the most tender hearts you will ever find.  A week earlier I asked her for a recipe that she had for muffins.  By the next day she had a container in my fridge made of the muffin mix that I could bake fresh muffins every morning.  Love her!!

Grandma and Grandpa came and brought Cam and Scout. Cam returned later and brought her mom!  Loved that.  Cam loves babies and is such a great fun cousin!

Seriously this was the cutest thing.  Scout gave the baby a kiss and I wanted a picture so I told her to "hold her kiss."  Well... she did!  She was holding her kiss with her hands.  Sooo cute!
Kathryn came the next afternoon.  It is fun having friends visit.  Kathryn has helped me out so much!  She had driven Livvy pretty much everywhere for the past couple of weeks and kept her playing at her house pretty much everyday.  I don't know what I'd do without her!  She just had a new baby 6 weeks earlier and now Wyatt and Mason can be buddies!

Holly came the following Saturday and spent the day with us.  My kids just love her and they played all day.  Next time the visit has to be longer!!  Marilyn also came down to see the baby and to bring bunnies to Candice for Mother's Day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Arrival... Baby M Story

Born on April 28, 2012 at 2:34 PM baby Mason made his appearance into the world.  What a ride that was!  He was beautiful and tiny. 6 lbs 11 oz and 20 in long.  Lots of dark hair and he had much to say coming in with a really loud cry.

The weeks leading up to his birth were intense.  School winding down and end of the year activities were going on and I was dying.  The thought of waiting for the due date of May 14 pretty much brought me to tears!  This baby was coming early and I knew it. I was barely walking and my kids were my personal picker-upers.  They would walk around with me to clean what I would tell them.  (It was kinda great!) 

The Friday before I had Mason, I walked down to see my friend Tiff at the neighbors'.  I was really slow and really tired.  She asked if I was in labor and thinking back I probably was. By 2 AM I started having contractions.  Livvy and Cohen were at Grandma's having a sleepover and McCoy was having a sleepover in our room.  His dad bought him a bag of Hersey's Kisses candy and for some reason he woke up and began to eat them.  It was super funny.  I sat there and listened to him trying to take the tin foil wrapper off and muttering to himself.  He is such a candy boy.  I told J that maybe because he was already awake we should take him to Grandma's.  So a little while later we were on our way.

I checked into the hospital about 4 am.  I HATE feeling contractions and I was ULTRA paranoid that we wouldn't make it in time to get an epidural. We got in and I was dilated to a 3.  Hours went by and my contractions got further apart, but were just as intense.  At 9 am the Dr. decided to send me home because I wasn't progressing.  I was so sad and bummed I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  I cried all the way home.  I was super exhausted and we both went right to bed.  J fell right to sleep but every 9 minutes I would wake up in contraction pain.  I slipped quietly out of the room and called my friend Lawni.  If anyone knew about contraction pain, she did!  I cried to her for a while and she helped me get all calm and gave some pointers on how to handle the pain.  J woke and not knowing what else to do decided to go mow the lawn.

I sat and tired to "focus" on a show.  I tried not to move or tense while each contraction came.  Then having tried that for awhile I decided to try to scream to see if it made the pain less tense.  So I did!  I SCREAMED!!  J came running in because he thought I was having the baby!  HA HA!  He wasn't impressed with my little experiment!  I decided then that we should go back in.  I was scared to go because they had already sent me home once!  By the time we got to the hospital I couldn't walk and I was crying. They checked me and I was a 5.  The nurses asked if I wanted and epidural and "YES, hurry because I go fast" is all I could say.  Well...let's just say the epidural wasn't fast enough.  The Anesthesiologist didn't make it there fast enough.   All I can remember is being sooo soo angry!  I was screaming with every contraction soooo loud!!!  I felt like I was in a different world.  I just kept saying I don't want to do this!!  But I did.  He was born within 25 minutes of getting there.  Thank goodness it was fast!  I DO NOT know how people have long labors.  It was very sudden and unexpected and terrifying for me.  Poor J!  I kept glaring at him saying, "I TOLD YOU they wouldn't make it in time!!"  But all that being said and done - Wow, I got a beautiful baby boy to love!