Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mason 15 Months!!

Oh my, the cutest critter!  His facial expressions are the BEST!  He has so many!  He is also into the stage where he likes to wear his food!  This drives me nuts-o but he is so freaking cute even with pizza all over!
It is so much easier to crawl than walk!  When you walk you have to fight balance, which lets be honest, he didn't inherit from Jeremy or me.  (Have you seen us Yoga?  Not pretty.)  Plus with the whirlwind of people who always walk by, they always seem to bump him and then he is back down on the ground.  Although it does pose the problem of being outside and crawling on weird grass and pokey rocks.  BUT I am happy to report he is full time walking now!  He is the cutest little thing.  Still at 17 pounds but with a personality to boot! 
My best little eater.  He loves all food, but when he is done you will be sure to find his tray and all his food on the floor. Always.  Grrr!!  Teething has been less than enjoyable for this little guy. It is so sad to watch him in pain.  I was sure many times that he had ear infections and would take him in to the Dr.  After 3 in a row of negative ear infections, I think the Dr. thinks I am pretty crazy.  The Dr actually told me to call him before I took him in again and he would check him.  (One of the perks of living in B town.)
Mason loves his Zebra.  He plays on it all day long.  He brings so much happiness into our home and we love him so much!  He loves to be outside and would stay out there all day if we would let him.  He hates to cuddle with me even when I try to make him.  There is so much for him to see and do.  Like Coy, he loves animals and yells, "ooooo" at every animal he sees.  I love you Masey-Moo!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A week in Cedar Hills AND Soccer Camp!!

Such a fun busy week! After everyone went home from the family vacay we headed to Noelle's for another week of fun!  I swore last year that I wouldn't do the week thing alone again but I did, and it was crazy and hectic and occasionally stressful but well worth it.  Olivia didn't want to be left out of soccer camp this year and neither did Scout.  So the four of them went! 

 By Sunday afternoon we were sick of seeing this all to familiar scene on the ipad.  Trent told them it was the last day they would be on it all week!  They did really good and played a lot!  Sometimes moments were hard, but they pretty much made it. 

The coaches were from Ireland and were so awesome with the kids.  They played from 8 to 10 am all week.  

I was super proud of Livvy for a couple of reasons.  The first one being that she decided to try a sport.  She decided she didn't like it to much but she never complained one time about going.  The second was that she went all by herself.  She knew no one and was an hour longer than the younger team.  She did AWESOME!  I never saw her sit, or give it a half effort.  She gave it her all.  She played from 8 to 11 everyday. 
This was Olivia's coach, Tony.  They were cool guys and made the kids laugh.  They gave them assignments to make a team flag, crazy hair day, and joke day.  If you were brave enough you could stand up and tell a joke.  If no one laughed at your joke then the coach would kick the ball and you would have to run as fast as you could to bring it back in.  Livvy was brave and told a joke.  (She had to run after the ball.)  ha ha. 

Back at home (Noelle's house) Coy felt pretty left out, wishing he could be a big kid, but they found plenty of things to do.  Mason just loved to be outside on the little bike.  He and Denver just took lots of turns.  It was so freaking cute! 
Coy found a donkey tail that he wanted Mason to wear.  It was pretty funny until I found out that he put it on me for half the day! 
We spent lot of time with Brandalyn and Alyson.  I love these girls.  They always make me feel right at home like I never left!!  We went to the movie Epic and my little buddy Mason did not make it 5 minutes, so we ended up hanging out and running some errands.

Scout and Livvy played the whole week.  They also did so much together.  CUTIES!!
One afternoon we met up with Shannon and Becca.  I LOVE THEM!  I still think one of the pairs will get married someday.  The kids had a late over and Becca treated our kids so great.  They love her and she loves them.  It shows. 

I think when all was said and done, Maxon and Cohen spent 10 days together and they did amazing.  These two are such great buddies.  Cohen said on the way home that he was really going to miss Maxon.  Me too.
The whole gang went to the dinosaur museum too.  It was CROWDED!  Luckily we didn't lose any kids.  They played a long time in the Dino sand/water except for my Cohen and Mason.  Cohen doesn't like his hands in the "muck" so we had to head on without them.  As the others caught up with us, Mason was screaming so bad and not himself at all.  The girls told me to run to the Dr and they would take care of my kids, so off I went.  Did I mention I LOVE THEM?  Sure enough Mason did have 2 bad ear infections.  By the time the DR visit was over I was running to Dawnya and Jeff's wedding!!!

Jeff and Dawnya's wedding was so amazing.  I am glad we got to be part of it.  The decorations were darling and the couple couldn't be cuter!

Lyman Family VACAY!!

This Lyman Family vacation was so so much fun. I am so grateful to Jed and Candice for making this happen because I am sure it was NO small task. The memories that we will have of straight up family fun are priceless.  We all headed to an awesome house in Salt Lake big enough to fit all of us PLUS a pool!  With rain on the horizon at every activity we still managed to do everything we wanted.  We met up together Thursday night and all got settled, ate and swam. 
On Friday we hit the Zoo.  My kids love the zoo so the were so excited.  There was an exhibit there with giant size Legos.  Cohen was super excited about it!

Mason and I loved the Giraffes.  They are such a cool animal!

Mason was so excited to be out of the stroller and be somewhat independent. 

Coy loves to have his picture taken.  He was constantly posing and asking for a shot!  Such a cute lil' guy!

You can't turn down an Icee especially when it gets soo hot!!  (And yes, he has green nail polish.  That's just what happens when you have more boy cousins than girls!  Thanks Camryn!)

Friday I didn't dare to take my camera to Lagoon.  It was a fun day.  Lots of rides, lots of Icee's and lots of laughter.  We had such an awesome time with everyone no matter what we did.  Thank you, thank you Grandpa and Grandma!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Castle Dale Visit

We were headed North for our Lyman Vacation so why not make it a day longer and visit Holly on our way!  We walked, talked, and held lots of babies!!  

Coy would never get off the 4 -wheeler if we didn't make him.  He has a great Uncle that took him on plenty of long rides! 

Rainy Dog Roast

So Saturday afternoon Jeremy wanted to do a hot dog roast up the mountain.  So we went.  But on the way I was skeptical looking out at the clouds.  We were headed for rain!  But we still did it!  Now that is FAST FOOD!

Mason LOVES his Grandma Lyman.

Cohen found the perfect spot under the table to beat the rain!
Jeremy Redd is always up for a good pose!  NOT!  How did I get lucky to get this on camera!  He is a good Uncle. 

It's Independence Day!!!

Happy 4th of July!  Love this day!  It is so fantastic to celebrate in Blanding with all the people who truly love this country.  It's a day full of fun parade sweatiness, cousins, pop-cycles, junk food and fireworks!

We have the best cousins that help out with little ones.  I am so grateful for them. 

The striped shirts weren't even planned but great minds think alike!!  After the parade and a short nap for the littles, we hit up the Dinosaur Museum.  And, yes, we do have one of those in Blanding.  I had never been but it was kinda awesome!  Great exhibits and Coy was in heaven.  

A few weeks prior to the 4th I decided that the kids would have fun selling glow bracelets.  I figured they could save their money for when we go on our Lyman family vacay in a few weeks.  I really think the kids had fun, but as it was getting dark, business boomed and a very helpful Dad and Grandpa came to the rescue and helped until the kids were sold out!  They made a bunch of money and all were really excited about it.  Livvy wasn't too happy when I made them pay me back the money I put into it to buy them in the first place.  It was cool to show them cost vs. profit.  I am so grateful for this country and the opportunities it provides.  #fightagainstcommoncore #plug
It was also fun to have Jeff and Dawnya stay with us for the weekend with the 6 kids.  They were so fun and my kids loved them.  Coy especially latched onto Kaleb.  What good kids.  I am so glad Jeff and Dawnya found each other!

One last thing to mention on the weekend of the 4th, was Jeremy had his 20 year reunion.  Holy crap!!  He is old!