Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

Friday night was spent meeting Benita's new family-to-be.  They were all very nice and we all agreed that we loved Benita and Scott.  The restaurant was overlooking the docks.  It was so pretty.  JUST wish we could have had some nicer San Diego weather but it DIDN'T rain on us so we were good! (It's not very often that all my sisters are in the same place at the same time, but we didn't manage to get a picture!  You have no idea how much this bugs me!!!!!)
There was plenty of chat time so the kids had to find a way to entertain themselves... and they did. There were blue and yellow balloons which the kids had fun hitting around, blowing bubbles and just causing mischief anywhere they could! Kingston loved Aaron and they were together a lot.  So cute.
Cohen was checking out Scott's Groom-to-be button. 
Aaron was learning how to take pictures from his Dad (Uncle Don)
Holly is such a fun Aunt.  She loves those kids and they love her.  Coy LOVES Holly!
Lisa's kids are so amazing, so polite I just love them.
I don't love this one of me but I LOVE any picture I have with J.  He usually doesn't let me take them. Especially when I can see his cute dimples!
Tays and Livvy spent a lot of time together.  So cute!

It is safe to say that Benita is well loved by everyone.  She was glowing all night. My family adores her. She has been there for me since forever.  I always refer to her as my thick and thin because she doesn't just hang for the good times, she is there for the bad too.  Love you little B!

Second Stop: San Diego Zoo

The next stop in California was the San Diego Zoo. I had decided a while back that there was no way I could do all that walking and be able to walk the next day so I rented a little scooter. It was AWFUL! I totally have an appreciation for people in a wheel chair or a scooter. No one would move and I was almost in tears twice before I scooted myself right back to return it within the first hour. There were so many people and no one to help so it just wasn't worth it.

The first thing we did was take a bus tour of the animals. Then we had a bus pass that was great! It was a shuttle between the 5 major areas in the zoo, which was great!  McCoy was obsessed with the map.  He carried it around and kept referring to it.  It was by far his favorite souvenir.

We stopped at the monkey cages for a long while.  Cohen loved it.  He is our little monkey.  :) 

One fun stop was the 4D movie Happy Feet.  It was a nice break and it was super cool. We got sprayed with water, poked in the back, bubbles blown on us and something grabbed us under the seat! I loved it!
I think the kids liked the statues of all the animals more than the animals!  Livvy wanted to climb on everything with Cohen! The elephants were McCoy's favorite!
We got to ride the sky tram over the zoo and it was super fun. 

We stayed until the park closed and saw everything the kids wanted to see.  We couldn't complain much about the weather because at least it didn't rain on us.  When the sun was out it was warm and when it went away it was cool. All in all it was a fun family day. :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Off to Cali - First Stop Tustin

We had been waiting for the day when we headed out to California for Benita's wedding.  We left after work on a Tuesday evening and spent the first night in Sedona, AZ with my mom.  Livvy did not want to leave her dog Bailey! It was nice to only drive half way that night!  Thanks Mom!!

The next morning we drove to Lawni's house.  It was so fun to see them!

Lawni and the kids were out on the sidewalk, waving, welcoming us to Tustin!  Tustin is sooo Beautiful!!! It was so cute and fun to see everyone.
Scott came home early to hang out with us and Jeremy put Lawni to the test to go to dinner at a California joint.  She came through and we went to a Taco place (Wahoo's Fish Tacos).  It was yummy.  Then we just let the dads chase the kids while Lawni and I talked...and talked....and talked.

 We couldn't keep these cute kids out of the water!

 Neither Coy nor Bryce liked being on the same horse.  Ha ha!
 We are missing 2 members of the PLC??  :)  Love this girl!
 Lawni's garage is the glorified playroom!
 Livvy couldn't wait to get to Brielles house to find snails with her.  They would play animals all night if we let them!  Bryce was pretty confused when we took over his room.  Coy loved it.  All the kids made a "nest" by each other for a good night's sleep.  Lawni and I stayed up way too late, but honestly I had to make myself go to bed because I knew for the zoo the next day I needed some sleep--otherwise we would have been up all night.  BUT there is NEVER enough time when I visit my friends.  Thanks Lawni for such a fun evening and letting us bunk at your house!  Love your cute family!
 While we were at Lawni's, Coy set his eye on a baby monkey that looked exactly like the monkey Bongo that he LOVES at home and had brought on the trip to sleep with.  Lawni gave the baby Bongo to Coy and he carries it around every day and has to sleep with it.  It is so cute.  Coy keeps  saying how nice Lawni is to give him a baby Bongo!  :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pregnancy Update

This is really hard to make out but this was the best picture from all my ultrasounds!  This little guy did NOT want his picture taken.  But if you can see-- it is a side profile of his face facing up.  He has chubby cheeks!  Can you see him?

I am 33 weeks and the cravings just don't stop!  I love anything citrus but especially anything lemon.  I am so grateful that Jeremy will indulge me. He has cut up many a pineapples for me and made many many meals for me spur of the moment.  I have no idea how I eat so much but I do and I am OK with it.  Not to mention I am a candy freak!  Normally I hardly ever touch chocolate or dessert but definitely not when I am prego. He made me this Lemon Spaghetti and Lemon Greek frozen yogurt.  OH! If you are looking for a lemon shake, Thanksgiving Point has one to die for.  I crave it everyday. sigh.
Lemon Pull-apart Bread (I made this!!! ME!!  I was so nervous and stressed about it but it turned out sooo yummy!)
It is no wonder why I have gained the weight I have. Oh well!  The bad part of the pregnancy is I can't be on my feet.  The pressure and weight of the baby is killing my legs and I pretty much hobble to and from anywhere I have to go.  I only have a small amount of time left and I am soo excited for our buddy to be here!  I bet J is excited too because of all my complaining!  I kinda feel sorry for Jeremy having to pick up so much slack but... nah ...Love him!  P.S.  If anyone has a lemon recipe feel free to send it my way....just sayin'.

Next on the food agenda is Lemon Crapes for Conference weekend.  I almost can't wait!

Oh and for the record, Coy's baby is doing well too.  Just him and me are prego and sometimes his baby hurts his tummy too.  But he doesn't anticipate any kind of delivery. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lyman Girls 2012

For the past couple of years this is what we have to look forward to in February: 
 This year with all my crazy cravings I suggested we make it a weekend event.  So we did!  Those who could met up Friday evening for dinner at La Jolla Grove Restaurant for an AMAZING dinner.  Ahh, I just love this place.  Everything they have there is soo amazing.  Noelle introduced me to this deliciousness...

I really don't know how to describe it but La Jolla called it Lemon Cake.  Which is a pretty boring name for something so yummy.  The lemon cake had a lemon filling with icing poured all over and a sugar shell that you had to break through to get to the cake.  YUUMMY!

On Saturday the crafts began.  Grandma made little blanket babies with all the little kids and the older ones made Maxi skirts.  They were super easy and turned out cute.  From there many other mini projects were done while I ran out to have lunch with my sisters and run a few errands. 

That evening for dinner Noelle made Chicken Crepes.  They were sooo good.  They were rich and creamy with chicken, cheese and Asparagus.  We were all pretty happy and then Noelle set up the chocolate fondu and I am pretty sure we were in Heaven.

 Marilyn did nails...
 Noelle did a Spa themed auction with Monopoly money.
 The last gift bid was a tie so Noelle decided to do a good 'ole fashioned arm wrestle to determine who got the last gift.  Jensen won!
 Livvy held her money tight for most of the auction just to make sure she didn't want to buy someone's gift that had been opened already.  She got more and more anxious until she finally bid all her money in one shot.  She got bath salts and other goodies that she traded around till her basket was perfect.
 For the "Thank you " take home spa gift Stacy made these adorable bean owls for the little kids.  We tied a ring pop and a little lotion to each one. They turned out super cute and the little kids loved them.  The "big" kids all brought home a Bath and Body Works lotion. Who doesn't like that??!!
 I asked Livvy what her favorite part of the weekend was and she said being with Denver.  She loves this little guy and toted him around with her wherever she went.  She never wanted to let any adult help her out when he was fussy.  She was intent on making him happy.
Thanks Noelle for the awesome crazy fun weekend! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Olivia is SEVEN!

Holy Cow, my little girl has moved into the "big girl" stage in her life.  She could not wait till it was her birthday.  I was worried I wouldn't find a birthday gift for her because she isn't into little girl things anymore.  What do big girls like??  Not to worry though, Livvy came up with a list for me.

Dad had to be out of town on her birthday so we had festivities without him. Livvy got her birthday outfit on fast and was ready to open one gift before school.  Coy saw me wrap them and let's just say he is NOT a good secret keeper. Luckily Livvy was too excited to pay attention to his continual, "When is Livvy going to open the bunny?"  This is the gift she wanted most.  So I gave it to her first.

 Dad got Livvy some flowers to surprise her when she got home from school.  She LOVED them and thought they smelled soo good.  While Livvy was at school, Steph came over and helped me do these cake pops.  Livvy was a little disappointed that they weren't an animal shape but she was happy and the kids loved them at school.

 The second item that Olivia requested was Lego Friends.  If you haven't heard of them --they are pretty cool.  Now girls can get into the lego action.  Livvy loves them and she can build them by herself.  She got many Lego friends from Aunts and Cousins and Grandma. This Lego friends set is a vet shop with animals.  Livvy loved that.

 She also got a tub of craft supplies and a little newborn baby boy from Cohen.  A few days prior she asked Cohen if he got her anything for her birthday.  He said no and she told him he'd better hurry.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.  Love that!  I am glad she still wanted a baby.  After playing with toys we headed out for pizza and ice cream and brought it over to Kathryn's house.  It was a short visit but we did manage to sing to her.  Then home straight to bed!

 When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner she had a whole list.  I felt a little overwhelmed and had to explain that her Dad would be out of town and maybe we should wait till he got back on Sunday.  So she asked for pepperoni pizza.  I was grateful!

About Olivia
-Would eat Ramen noodles every meal if I let her
-Loves 1st grade with Mrs. Brewer
-Constantly wants to be more independent
-Likes to try many different foods
-Collects Calico Critters
-Always in search of a craft
-In love with all animals
-Loves to ride horses
-Always wants to be let loose at the field with BFF Averie
-Reads like a pro
-Takes gymnastics
-Is kind to others
-Loves to dress cute but it can't interfere with playtime or "it isn't worth it"
-Is the best big sister any boy could ever want!

When Jeremy came home he made her "seafood" dinner she requested (she actually asked for ocean food, but we know what she meant).  Garlic mashed potatoes, cucumber and tomato salad, coconut shrimp with strawberry-colada sauce, salmon and cod nuggets with sauces and cheesy garlic bread and Caesar salad.  It was all so amazing. 

Dear Livvy,
So full of love and energy it is hard to keep up!   Your happiness is contagious wherever you go.  I can remember one day when you were little we were getting new tires on our car and were waiting in the waiting room.  You were happy to be there and went up to this old gentleman and smiled and waved and brought a book to him to read to you.  In the parking lot as we were leaving he grabbed my arm.  He told me how much that meant to him and what a special happy little girl you were and he knew you were loved. All that he said was true. You are beautiful inside and out. As you are getting older and more responsibilities are falling your way you take them happily.  I love it when you tell people you probably will take care of our new baby more than me.  I bet you will!  You are a great little mommy and will make an excellent mom someday.  We are lucky to have you in our family and the light you share.
I love you more...