Friday, March 30, 2012

Off to Cali - First Stop Tustin

We had been waiting for the day when we headed out to California for Benita's wedding.  We left after work on a Tuesday evening and spent the first night in Sedona, AZ with my mom.  Livvy did not want to leave her dog Bailey! It was nice to only drive half way that night!  Thanks Mom!!

The next morning we drove to Lawni's house.  It was so fun to see them!

Lawni and the kids were out on the sidewalk, waving, welcoming us to Tustin!  Tustin is sooo Beautiful!!! It was so cute and fun to see everyone.
Scott came home early to hang out with us and Jeremy put Lawni to the test to go to dinner at a California joint.  She came through and we went to a Taco place (Wahoo's Fish Tacos).  It was yummy.  Then we just let the dads chase the kids while Lawni and I talked...and talked....and talked.

 We couldn't keep these cute kids out of the water!

 Neither Coy nor Bryce liked being on the same horse.  Ha ha!
 We are missing 2 members of the PLC??  :)  Love this girl!
 Lawni's garage is the glorified playroom!
 Livvy couldn't wait to get to Brielles house to find snails with her.  They would play animals all night if we let them!  Bryce was pretty confused when we took over his room.  Coy loved it.  All the kids made a "nest" by each other for a good night's sleep.  Lawni and I stayed up way too late, but honestly I had to make myself go to bed because I knew for the zoo the next day I needed some sleep--otherwise we would have been up all night.  BUT there is NEVER enough time when I visit my friends.  Thanks Lawni for such a fun evening and letting us bunk at your house!  Love your cute family!
 While we were at Lawni's, Coy set his eye on a baby monkey that looked exactly like the monkey Bongo that he LOVES at home and had brought on the trip to sleep with.  Lawni gave the baby Bongo to Coy and he carries it around every day and has to sleep with it.  It is so cute.  Coy keeps  saying how nice Lawni is to give him a baby Bongo!  :)

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