Thursday, October 31, 2013


McCoy and I barely made Cohen's school Halloween parade!  And in a blink of an eye, we has past.  He never even saw us even though I snapped his picture.  Ha ha!!
This Halloween was so fun!  I loved it especially because Mason figured out the whole trick-or-treating thing.  We had a great time going around collecting candy.  Cohen couldn't eat most of his so he happily gave it away and sold me some.  It was a win-win.

Cohen- "Cole" the ninja, Olivia-Zombie prom queen, McCoy-dragon, Mason - Monster

After collecting all the candy we could, we went home where daddy cooked his famous chili.  Friends and neighbors always come over to have some.  We love it.  Especially Mason, he kept going back for more!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Ooooh...This boy is trouble! He is the cutest little monster you ever did see! Can I just not remember how curious little boys are?  Or is it that this one gives me a little more run for the money!  He is my only kid that hasn't talked by now.  But don't you worry, you know exactly what he wants and how he wants it by his grunts.  Yup.  Grunts.  Daily he climbs on this little table and perches himself on the window sill.  This is where he wants his snacks and drinks or just to see and take a sit.  He often sits there and looks out the window and watches the neighbors dog. 

So pretty much when Mason doesn't get what he wants his first instinct is to throw.  And by throw I mean, anything.  It could be what he's eating or anything in the area.  With all the practice of throwing he is a pretty good aim!  Most food ends up in my face or for sure a throw to land on the carpet.  I decided that I was always going to make him clean up or pick up whatever it is that he throws.  Well, that only lasted a few days but let's call it a work in progress. 
This little precious toy ended up hitting in the middle of my head between my eyes.  Such a bummer that I broke his bread into pieces and didn't give him the whole piece.  I learned my lesson. 

Three times this day Mason went to the pantry and dumped cereal boxes and crackers.  I am sure he only wanted a snack!  BUT how can you be mad at this cute face watching you vacuum up all the cereal through the suction of a hose and he thinks it is the funniest thing he has ever seen!  I sure love my monster!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jump On It

One thing we did a ton in Cedar Hills was our regular trips to Jump On It.  So when we were up for a visit, it was fun to go.  I love this Coy Boy!  I love trying to get him to smile!  He had so much fun!
Brynn Bailey is like the older sister you wish you had.  She always plays with the kids and does things they want to do.  This day was no exception.  She helped all the kids jump on the rope swing whether she knew them or not!! 

Brynn was playing with the kids and bouncing them around.  They loved it!!  Super fun day!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Carving at Grandma's

Jeremy was out of town this year when it came time to carve pumpkins.  This isn't one of my favorite things but it had to be done!  So Grandma was sooo nice and let us do it in her garage, complete with dinner and candy craft after. 

Livvy being Livvy had no problem digging in.  Cohen was geared up to stick his hand in and even did for a moment and then opted out the rest of the time!  YUCK!

My little monster Mason found plenty to do getting around the garage.  He found that he could use the pumpkin as a stool to reach things.  This didn't work out so well when his pants got stuck on the stem of the pumpkin. 

Cohen's pumpkin was a ninja!

Logan's pumpkin had a baby pumpkin.  At least that's what I believe.  Some think it ate it.  
Coy's pumpkin glowed in the dark thanks to a special messy paint! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Can't resist this beautiful ballerina!  Time for another year of dance! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nathan and Lexi's Wedding

Ah!! This wedding was so beautiful! Lexi looked absolutely amazing!  What a beautiful bride with the love of her life.  It was fun to be involved in all the decorating and cuteness that was involved.  I secretly was glad I only have 1 girl because it might be a doozy!!  A good one that is!
The happy couple!
My fans

Happy cousin friends - Coy and Alleyah
Beautiful Jensen
Seriously.  I HEART Burlap - the decorations were beautiful and vintage.
My Angel Olivia
The dessert table-umm YUM!!
 It's not often we are all the same time...ready for a photo op.  But this time we got it!!  All the Lyman girls!

The perfect ending to the weekend was Baby Rome's Blessing. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crazy Week at School

All year my kids (especially Olivia) talk about how they want their hair on Crazy Hair Day.  This is how it turned out this year!  Coy wanted to join in on the fun.
Crazy sock day! This is about as crazy as Cohen and Olivia want to be!  I attempted to make it more crazy but what they want is exactly what they got!!  Love these crazies!