Sunday, October 20, 2013

Labor Day Cabin Weekend

I am so sad I didn't take more pictures this weekend. My kids look forward to it every year.  Not all the cousins got down for it but we still got our Lyman fun.  Coy spent a lot of time swinging in this swing.  So did I, but I just get nauseous. When did I become too sensitive for a swing??  Sad day.  
Livvy found a mud hole.  Yup.  She found it.  She also found a critter.  Is it a horny toad?

It is tradition that Grandma and Grandpa give a Sunday lesson on Sunday morning.  This year was no exception.  Grandma made a poster up off all the things we needed to go to Heaven and what we had to do to get there so we could live together with our families.  Each of us were given paper and pens to write things.  Livvy had us put Curtis's name on the board.  Some of the answers included: Prayers, go to church, get baptized, be an example, be kind, hold the priesthood, be sealed in the temple, do callings, and love.

For not taking so many pictures, I am sure glad I got a good pic of Bailor, Jeremy and Kristi's dog. 
My Cohen, not feeling so good.  So much dust and animals at the cabin it kind of gets to him.  We had plenty of legos to keep him occupied. 
My kids always crave Logan's his attention.  He is such a sweetheart dividing his time to make everyone happy.  The most loveable boy you could ever have in a room.  My Mason perfectly happy with his snacks and a binky!  What more could you want?!?!

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