Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cohen Fall Soccer

There is something about soccer that I just love! Cohen did better this year than any other, but still isn't loving it.  He liked to be goalie most of all cause he could just chill.  I think it is hard to find something that your child just loves.  When Cohen came to earth, I had expectations of what I wanted him to love and be good at.  Well, I am learning it doesn't always go that way.  It isn't about forcing him to play a sport if he doesn't love it.  It's good to feel a part of something and to be a team player.  This I know, but maybe for this little red head we need to find some other team that makes him light up and get his smiley eyes.  It just might not be soccer.  Love this kid for not quitting and having a good attitude about playing till the season was done.     

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