Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brace Face!

 It actually happened!   Olivia got braces!  She loves them and hates them all at the same time.  Cohen came with us to the appointment to see what his teeth will need.  He will be getting them in another year too.  After they finished we went to lunch and Livvy had her favorite, bean burrito.  She could barely finish before the pain set in.  Yogurt and soup for this girl in the near future!  She is so dang cute with braces!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to my baby! He's 2!

It's a roller coaster of emotions as my youngest gets older.  I am really enjoying his little personality.  He has so much spirit and attitude you would be entertained by him all day by following him around.  From the second he wakes up he yells, "Wake! Mom, I wake!" That never gets old and is sure to start your day off right.
For breakfast he loves bananas and eggs.  He eats most of his food during breakfast.  It slows down after that.  At his 2 and a half year check-up he weighed 23 lbs.  He is tiny.  Mason adores his siblings.  He is getting to the point where he will play all kinds of games with McCoy. They play so well together.  Mason gets all sad when the kids go to school.  He asks about them all day.

How big is Mason???

Mason was in no hurry to open his presents.  It was driving Cohen nuts!  But really, he has the cutest little voice.  I get compliments on it all the time at how he uses his words in a sing-song way.
We hit the jackpot when we got you this bike for your birthday.  You LOVE it!  You scoot all over the house and out the door!

Mason loves his Grandpa so much!  He runs to him and gives the biggest bear hugs.  When he is having a sad day, he wants his Grandpa to hold him.

Birthday selfies are the best!

Dear Mason,

You, my little friend, are like no other.  Some days I think I might pull my hair out with how demanding you are, but you finish up with the cutest, "Love you's."  Testing your limits for sure.  Your favorite show of all time is Mickey Mouse.  Your most favorite thing to do is ride your 4-Wheeler.  You look so tiny on such a big machine and you shift your weight down so you can reach the pedal.  When we leave the house I have to hurry and put you in the car before you get on the 4-wheeler or else I have to chase you down the street on it.  You don't like to come back!!  One day you figured out that you could go around the block so that is often where you are when I can't find you even though you KNOW you are supposed to stay at the house.  Many neighbors watch for you and will bring you back.  You are an independent little man.  You love your brothers and sister so much.  You bring out the love in all of us.  I am so glad you are a part of our family.  I love you to the moon.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Bedroom Remodeled

While the kids played and played there was little rest for the adults except for the occasional hermit crab race!  We just love the Kennards and this time they went far and beyond the call of duty as a friend.  They came down to Blanding and helped us put board and baton in the kids bedroom.  Also, Gordon built this built-in shelf so we could put the kids' toys and extras on.  I LOVE IT!!!!



I still cannot believe we got all this done in one weekend!  It was so much work and I owe them big time.  Only a true friend would get down and dirty with you to do this much work.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Easter morning came and so did the Easter Bunny!  Mason couldn't make it past the hall because he knew there was candy in those eggs which he figured out the day before at Recapture!  We finally convinced him to keep going and find the Easter baskets that the bunny hide!

OK, but for reals Mason sucked off the sugar from the side of his decorative egg!!  I was shocked!  HOLY MOLY this guy is built of sugar.  I kept sneaking his candy in the garbage!

My kids in their Easter gear, except for Cohen.  He was so so sick.  He crashed after he got his basket.  Poor guy.
A week later, in his Easter gear.  I love that face!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Recapture Pockets

Recapture Pockets is the place to hide a million eggs with an endless supply of candy.  Recapture will always have this tradition of Easter weekend to me.  It is always fun, hanging out and chatting with family and friends and more importantly eating deviled eggs!  Mason is at my favorite age and he is so cute I could eat him.  He is such a big boy to sit in a chair and eat his sandwich...but that lasted only a moment before it was on the ground!

The kids have loads of fun climbing rocks and trying to spy where the highest eggs are because they are usually filled with a few quarters.

Cohen wasn't feeling so well.  He couldn't breathe, but he was a trooper and did his best to find eggs too - most of which he couldn't eat.  He was just hoping for money and I usually buy his candy from him.