Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coy's Bye Bye Binky

When there is too much of this....(Throwing fits cause I don't give Coy his binky when he wants it.)
And this....
And this....  (his blanket and binky are above him on the ladder and he tried to climb it to get them and I said no.)
We do this...  A BYE BYE Binky Party!!!!

We stocked up on balloons.... yellow is Coy's favorite color.
 He had a few couple last sucks....

 Then up...up...up...they went!  To another little boy who needs them.

 What's a party without a big boy gift?

 ...and some yummy yellow cupcakes!
 Coy is getting bigger and bigger everyday.  I hate it!
So you ask...How am I doing without the bink?  It was a hard first night for me worrying he would wake up any moment.  But he didn't!  He slept straight through the night!!  He didn't ask once for it.  Night 2 was a little rough.  He woke up 3 times and I had to sing him back to sleep.  Night 3 he asked if I could buy him another one.  I said no and he's been fine since.  WAY TO GO BIG BOY!!!