Friday, October 31, 2014


 This is probably the worst picture but there it is.  Proof in all it's glory that Jeremy and I dressed up as Vampires to go to a Halloween party.  ha ha.  As for the rest of the kids - they looked so cute.  Livvy and Averie did not plan their Halloween costumes to be the same..  But they were.  Their teacher Mrs. Crofts loves these two nutty girls.

 Elway had to accompany Livvy this year on the rounds.  This was the first year that the kids wanted to venture off on their own.  Cohen was outta there.  He went with his friend Parker. Livvy stuck with me though so that made me happy.  McCoy however, stuck with us until his best buddy Carson Millward and his mom came along and they had so much fun till around 10:00 PM!  Coy outlasted everyone!  NUTS!  He was such a happy guy though.

 The best part about Halloween is having friends and family in and out of the house eating Jeremy's chili.  Candice brought us a cute plate of treats too!  Isn't there some quote that says, give them food and they will come?  (And full size candy bars do help too.)  We had to pull out some drastic measures because the first year of Halloween in Blanding we had a total of 7 trick-or-treaters.  Totally not acceptable.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


 On Saturdays when there is not much to do, we head to a park.  It's good to see these beautiful places around us.  It was the perfect day to be out.  We ended hiking a little more than we planned but it was fun.

 Cohen was supposed to bring a picture of his hero and bring it to school so we thought Arches was the perfect place.  Cohen really does have a great dad!  Livvy made sure that Elway came with us.  She is a great little dog person and carried him half way because she was sure he was too little to do it on his own.

 This picture makes me laugh.  I tried and tried to get them to smile at the same time and to sit closer together.  Maybe they all had to go to the bathroom?  Hindsight is always 20/20.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Activities

 I really love Fall.  Pretty much I love everything about it.  I love going up to Noelle's and spending the weekend doing traditions and activities.  So we gathered cousins and went to Cornbellies.  So much to do there!  The kids played for hours.  Of course I had to lose my wallet and spent a good hour wondering around till I heard my name announced on the speaker that someone turned it in.  I am always amazed at how many nice people go the extra mile and turn stuff in that I have lost.  I know, if it sounds like I lose things a lot, it's because I do.  I really try not too but I am just giving the people who find my stuff an opportunity to do the right thing.  Sharing blessings.  ha ha.

 Face painting and the haunted tent were the biggest hits.  Mason was super scared of the fireworks but as long as he could rock on the donkey thing he was happy as pie.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

 Maybe a little early to carve pumpkins, but it was nice and warmish and seemed like a good weekend.  Olivia loves all the goo that comes from the pumpkin.  Cohen did not, so he bailed a little while the dirty work was done.

 Olivia's pumpkin was supposed to be a horse.  It didn't turn out so well, so there was lots of tears.  Pumpkins are HARD to carve if you don't know what you are doing.  Jeremy helped Cohen with a saw.  By Halloween, I am not sure we could tell what any of the pumpkins were!  They were pretty much rotten.  It has been a really warm fall!