Friday, September 28, 2012

Utah County

I always have fun when I head up North.  J had meetings up in Heber so I left the school kids here with Grandma and headed up with Coy and Mason.  It was so fun.  Coy got to play with Anastyn.  They were cute little buddies.  Brandalyn and I spent a few days hanging out and running errands like the "old days."  One of our favorite things used to be running errands together.  The kids watched a movie and Bran & I would chat and run into wherever the errand would take us while the other one waited in the car with the kids.  This made running errands so much more fun!  Last minute, Shannon and Becca met me for dinner.  I love these girls!  We had so much fun!

 Coy was loving all the one-on-one time.  He got to ride the merry-go-round and feed goats at the hotel and was in heaven.  He definitely did not want to come home to Livvy and Cohen although he did admit he missed them!

 Jeremy stayed up North to go to the BYU game with Jeremy Redd.  I came home fast to a sick little Cohen who is a VERY high maintenance little sicky.  Apparently even Grandpa couldn't sing the right song for bedtime!  (Thanks a million times over for watching these two!)  When we came in the house we had a little surprise ... a very large grasshopper.  Coy was brave enough to snatch it up but it jumped out of his hand.  So I did what any normal person would do.  I put a cup on it and waited for Olivia to get home and take it outside.

While we were gone Livvy had Grandpa pull out a wiggly tooth!  I have to admit the first thought in my head was that we have family pictures on Saturday!!!  Good thing she looks adorable with or without teeth!

 By the next Thursday we were up in Utah County again.  This time with all the monkeys.  We had dentist apts on Thursday with only one cavity to report.  Poor Cohen, he was sooo sad to get it.  He is my most dedicated brusher and flosser just because he hates cavities.  He was brave and only cried a few tears when getting a shot for his cavity. He got a prize just because he was brave.  (Kinda broke my heart a little.)  We hung out with cousins and friends.  We had family pics on Sat.  SOOOO crazy and stressful but well worth it...I hope!  We spent the last morning watching a movie in Noelle's awesome theater room before we headed home.  The kids watched Chimpanzee. Livvy told me she cried at the end.  But not sad tears, just happy ones.  (Awww, she has such a soft heart for animals.)

Noelle gave Coy "special goggles" when we were swimming that would help him swim.  Did it?  Well, lets just say he was able to blow bubbles in the water!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Macey Moo is 5 Months!

 Macey Moo is the nick name that kinda stuck with Mason for now.  We just love this little guy!  He is the perfect mix between Cohen and McCoy.  He is smiley and likes to yell and laugh.  It is kinda funny the fun little noises he comes up with!  He loves playing with Cohen in the mornings.  Cohen just adores Mason if he can ever get him away from Olivia!

I am pretty sure he is awaiting his first tooth.  The slobbering is unreal and the up all night business is definitely tiring.  He still eats every 3 hours around the clock.  I might die of lack of sleep but I haven't yet... Hopefully this stage gets over soon. We went to the 5 month check up and he still is only 6% in weight although he looks like a chunky monkey!  I guess he is a small chunky monkey and I love it. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Cabin time!! 

On Saturday we went into Ouray. It's a small town that has a huge natural hot water spring that gets piped into the pool.  There is a large very warm section, a hot section, and a cold section.  It's pretty much amazing to get into.  Like a nice bath with amazing views.

On the way to Ouray we took the scenic way and we got some car sickies.  Not my favorite part!

Last time we went to Ouray was the first time that Cohen really learned to swim and love the water.  He was totally in his comfort zone and ended up taking his floaties off and swimming fabulous!  He did a great job in the water.

Even Mason couldn't resist the warm water.  He floated around on his back for an hour.  It was so cute that he would hold his body up like that with a light touch to the head.  The only thing he didn't like was the sun in his eyes.  But really, who does?

Not to worry.  Coy made progress!!  He went from not wanting to go in the water to the second step down!  Wahoo!  Maybe next time he will come in all the way!  There was no way he was getting off those steps.  I pulled him in with me one time and he freaked out and begged to go back.  Cute lil' guy!  He is cute no matter what, whether he wants to get in or not!

Back to the fun at the cabin with lots of fun things to do.  Grandpa's RZR is always a big hit.  Coy really wouldn't get off anything.  If he came inside he was constantly asking who was going to take him for his next ride.  Good thing he has great Uncles.

This is the new dock down at the lake!  It was AWESOME!
Coy was really digging his new boots we got him to go to the cabin.  He wore them any chance he could get.  He felt so big in them like Cohen and Livvy because they have some like that too.

Livvy of course loving on Mason.  I don't have many pictures of her because she just wasn't around.  One time I found her way out in a field stomping her foot.  I asked her why she was mad and I bet you could guess her reply. "I almost caught a bunny, but it got away."  Of course.  She also put some nuts out and she said she pet it as it came to get them.  She is always trying to catch some kind of critter or playing with Addi in their "tree house."
The boys spent a lot of time playing legos.  Cohen is completely obsessed with Ninjago. If you don't know what that is, ask Cohen.  I know them as Ninja legos and they are expensive.  That's the end to my knowledge.

Livvy went riding and took Madi with her.  They love horses!  In fact, Coy did NOT want to get off.  He is a Livvy in the making...

Uncle Josh caught a squirrel! It was in that black pipe and Josh heard it and shook it out.  He was a fiesty little guy and bit Josh and even with the gloves on it didn't feel like roses. They tried to put a leash on him but he was too smart and got away. Josh tried to catch another squirrel and it's tail popped right off.  Poor guy.  He will always be known with the squirrel with no tail.  Probably an outcast now.
Uncle Taylor is so awesome with Coy.  Coy loves him and Taylor will always spend extra time with Coy and Coy knows who will always take him on a 4 wheeler ride.  In this picture, Racer Coy is racing Taylor up the hill to see who can get there fastest.  If you think Taylor won on the 4-wheeler, you are wrong.  Coy won.  I did mention he was fast, didn't I?

Scout found some of Livvy's play make-up in her lego bin.  I might have showed her how to use it.  BUT it was so cute!!! She looked beautiful and NO she did not get a black eye.

2012 Labor day was fantastic.  I love being with the family and watching the kids have a great time with cousins, drinking as much pop as they can and eating as many snacks as their tummies will allow.  A ton goes into making this weekend a sucess and we couldn't do it without the hard work of Grandma and Grandpa.  They go out weekends before and clean, clean and clean.  They bring trailers out, 4-wheelers out, all the necessary extras so that these weekends can be fun for us.  They are last to leave, with hours of cleaning when we leave, taking care of garbage, cleaning out the fridge and many other things I am sure I don't even know about.  I love them.  I especially love them because the second I can get out of there to get home and shower they let me. Thank you, thank you.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Coy started his first day of Preschool.  Six other moms and I decided to get together and take turns teaching a lesson for these tiny 3 year olds. Coy loves it and feels so big.  He could not wait to "assume the position" of having his picture taken.  He told me his backpack (lunchbox)  would grow into a backpack, so I guess I will have to make that happen!
It was so cute how Coy and Cohen said goodbye to each other, wishing each other a good day at school.  Love these boys!