Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arch Canyon

Let's just say repelling makes me nervous.  So many things can go wrong!  Like... falling.  So I was nervous when that was the combined YW/YM activity.  But off we went to Arch Canyon.  It turned out to be fun!  Watching that is... and encouraging each girl to come down.  After looking around I noticed that I was the only one that hadn't done it.  So I decided I better do it.  But it really made my stomach want to throw up and my hands were so sweaty I didn't think I could hold the rope.  But I did it!  Now I don't have to do that again.  :)  Love these brave girls and leaders!!

 It was so hard to convince yourself to go over the edge backwards but then it was no sweat!

 Heaven, Megan and Shiniah
 Collin (YM Pres) and Shiniah
 Sis. Natani Laws

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Mason is eating like a champ!!  None of my kids would touch the rice ceareal with a ten foot pole but Mason couldn't get enough and kept making "mmmm" noises.  It was soo cute!  He is officially eating!!  (Maybe now he will sleep??? Please???!!!)

This is the face I got when it was all gone... Sometimes I feel like that too!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bye Grandma!

What am I going to do without her! I know that is a super selfish way to look at the new adventure that Candice is going on but a part of me wondered how I would make it! Candice is joining Kristi and her family out in Nicaragua until the day before Thanksgiving.  We miss her already so much.  To send her off, the day before she left we had a hot dog roast out at their cabin at the Dude Ranch.  It was super nice weather and the hot dogs were yummy.  She is really going to have so much fun with the Redd family.
I love this picture of Stacy and her cute family.  It sure is lonely here without the Redds though!  We can't wait till they get back!!
Love my Jeremy!
Even Coy got to roast some marshmallows.  He was very cautious, but super cute!
Poor Palmer on the verge of walking full time found it faster just to get down on all fours!  But really I don't think she minded it!!

We will miss you Grandma and Redds!  Can't wait for your safe return! 

Conference at the Cabin

 We headed out to the cabin for conference weekend so the "boys" (Jeff, Jeremy, Jed, Taylor and Jaren) could build the last dormer on the cabin.  OOHH how we missed Candice there.  She usually buffers me from the rawness of the cabin before I get there. But I quickly went to work cleaning before my sister Holly and her husband Jaren showed up. It was soooo good to have them there.  We had a lot of fun chatting and hanging out by the fire.  We did get some conference in, but glad it was all recorded at home.  There was a lot of chain and hammering going on!  Coy absolutely loves Taylor and Taylor is so sweet with him. 

Livvy wanted Stacy to "bust out" her old bumbo because Palmer fit it perfectly and was quite happy crawling in and out of it. Livvy had lots of fun with Palmer continually asking what she could do and showing her where the dirt was.  She swept and swept and cleaned the bathroom and all the bugs in the tub and pretty much everywhere.  She was super happy when we got her up with Averie to spend the night with her cousins.
 Coy also loves Holly very much and fell asleep in her arms.  I got Jaren yawning too! 
We all got warm in the kitchen by turning the oven on and standing around it while I made breakfast.  Jeremy made fun of me, but we were quite happy and warm.
 In this picture I think you can tell Palmer and Mason are cousins!

 Jaren took the kids on MANY MANY 4 wheeler rides.  They took off at dark one night and Cohen and Coy got a little scared.  Cohen said, "I don't think this was a good idea." and Coy started making a low humming noise quietly to himself because the trees were shaking.  Jaren took them safely home. :)

Conference weekend = good time.

Final look of the cabin!  It changed the whole look!  Thanks for everyone who helped!  I think it looks awesome!

All I want for Christmas...

After letting me "feel" her loose tooth she wanted her dad to pull it by the front door.  Don't ask me why she always wants to do this.  She claims it doesn't hurt but I don't know about that!  Sure enough with one slam out came the tooth.  It is funny to hear her talk.  Now Livvy and Mason are growing teeth!

You would think after the tooth fairy's lesson last time of being late, she would not be late again!  But she was.  Dang tooth Fairy!  At least this time Livvy didn't write a letter to the tooth Fairy to leave a note as to why she was late.

Ballerina Livvy

Livvy has been doing gymnastics for years, but I was anxious to get her in ballet again and we finally signed her up. She was real nervous to start again and not really sure if she would like it. But it turn out she loves it. When I suggested I take her out of one of the two dance classes (the other ballet) she threw a fit saying, "Dancing is my life!" So who am I to mess with her life! This is Livvy's first day of Ballet. She asked me if I thought she looked like a 2 year old wearing all pink. She suggested I buy her something blue.

So I did...