Monday, July 30, 2012

Coy turns 3!

Coy turned 3!  He is so much fun.  We had a YELLOW family party.  As I had already planned everything he came up to me and told me yellow isn't his favorite color anymore.  Red was.  I was panicking inside because how could I do a yellow party for Coy if he like red!  His favorite color has always been yellow! And within in a day he was back to yellow.   We had the family party the night before and it really confused Coy as to which day was his birthday.  J made chicken nuggets and tater tots for his dinner and I made a yellow ruffle cake. The party favors were made of any yellow candy I could find.  And lemonade to drink.   It really was so much fun.

Coy asks daily if he can go over and play at Grandma's and Grandpa's.  He loves it there. Grandma got him a little Mickey Mouse backpack and some animals and he has packed it around ever since.  When it was past bedtime the other night he ran to get it because he put starbursts in it.  I said no he couldn't eat them.  He said, "They're not for me, they're for YOU!"  Sure enough he pulled out 3 pink starbursts for me to eat.  Coy loves colors and he knows which color should go to who.  He always saves his pink and purple candies and fruit snacks for me.  So sweet.

 Stacy brought Coy 3 yellow balloons.  He popped one right away and it scared the poop out of him!  (It might have been a little funny.)  It actually scared me too.
 I asked some questions to Coy and his answers were pretty cute:

What is the happiest day of your life?  My birthday.
What is your favorite movie? Mickey Mouse.
What is the best thing about being 3?  I'm Big.
What do you want to be when you get big?  Mickey Mouse.
Who are your best buddies?  Cohen and Livvy.
What does Mom always say to you?  Don't hit and be nice.
How old is Mom?  10.
What does Mom do when you are gone? Eat.
What does Dad do when you are gone?  Rest.
How do you know Mom loves you?  SOOO much.
What is Mom's favorite thing to do?  Rest.
How does Dad make you laugh?  He says funny things.
What is your favorite thing to do?  Play with my toys.
What makes mommy sad?  When I cry.
What is the best thing about being 3? I get a birthday.

Dear Coy,

The fact that yellow is your favorite color says it all.  You are so happy to be around and you like to make others happy.  I love catching you singing when you are by yourself and when you are loving on baby Mason.You are strong and brave and I cannot believe you are three!  Your joyful personality melts the heart of all you meet.  You always try to keep up with Cohen and Livvy and hate it when I tell you you are too little. You are a lot like Livvy and you enjoy collecting bugs with her outside all day! Your favorite thing to say is, "But MOM...." especially when I tell you to clean your room!  I love it when you sneak in my bed at night without trying to wake me and get all cozy against me. So many years to go sweet Coy and you are going to be GREAT! You have a special spot in my heart.

Love, Mom

Friday, July 13, 2012

Independance Day

Who doesn't love the 4th of July!?! We are so blessed to live in a free country.  I hope it continues for my little people and theirs.  We had such a great day with Dad and family. 

The weather was perfect as we sat and watched the parade.  Coy brought his lunchbox to put all his candy in.  He was hilarious to watch.  Coy had his wave on autopilot. I told him they only threw candy if the kids waved so he never stopped he often missed the candy that was thrown to him.  Good thing he had Scouty and others to collect it for him!

Scout, Palmer, and Livvy were beautiful.  Love them.

The boys were so lucky to be in the parade with Grandma and Grampa.  They road with an ATV group called SPEAR.  Cohen LOVED to throw candy and see people as he drove past in Grandpa's Razor. Don't worry though if you were thinking he didn't get any candy.  He sealed a deal with Olivia for her to get a lot for him.  And she did.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ponderosa Cabin Resort was amazing.  It was our Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa Lyman.  It couldn't have been more fun!  The kids had a blast!  This was our first family picture as a family of 6! 

 Oh my goodness!  Coy is one handsome boy!  Jeremy Redd and Coy had a little joke between them about his shirt.  Coy LOVES yellow and when I saw this shirt I couldn't pass it up.  Needless to say he wants to wear it.  Jeremy Redd started calling him "Racer George."  Coy digs it and now he added "Racer" to his last name.  So when you ask him his name he says, "McCoy Racer." Which would be super cool if he didn't drop the Lyman.  :)  So we nicknamed Jeremy Redd - "Vacay J."  Jeremy Redd was super happy being on this trip and even taught us a card trick!  Who knew what a few naps could do to him?!! 

 Livvy insisted we spend some time together after she went all day with her dad and others to Zion's.  They did a little hike down to some swimming holes in a river.  It was 102 degrees so I opted out with the baby and hung back and relaxed in the fantastic cabin.  So Livvy took me on a walk.  We sang songs together, but as she took me deeper into the woods behind the cabin I was getting a little nervous.  It was getting dark and I knew there were animals back there and probably a bear.  I think my jumpiness started making Liv a little nervous because before we knew it we both bolted back to the cabin and decided to do our walk in the morning.  We both agreed the paw prints we saw belonged to a bear.

Awww...Love this little Aleyah.  She kept me company a lot of the time.  She is super funny and Coy and Alleyah were best little play buddies.  It was so cute to watch them play.  She loved baby Mason too.  I finally caught a semi-smile of Mason on Camera.  His first smile he gave to Alyson in Cedar Hills the week before.  I am a little jealous about that!!

At Zion, the kids had a lot of fun swimming.  When I was looking at the pictures I made Jeremy promise to take, I looked at the one where the boys were sliding down the rock.  I asked if it hurt?!  He said, YEAH!  The boys hated it.  It made me laugh and laugh.  Cute boys!!

KIDS CAMP!!!  This is what my kids were most excited about (I wasn't too sad about it!).  The Resort took the kids all day.  We dropped them off at 9 and picked them up at 5.  They got to zip line, bunji tramp jump, crafts, lunch, swim, ride horses, play in the playroom, and snack time! They had soo much fun!!!  I talked to Livvy a lot about being a good sister and taking care of Cohen to make sure he was having fun and being happy.  She did great!  She made sure he had lots of water and was always checking on him.  Made me super happy!

It had to come...Sunday...The day we had to leave...  Jeremy eased the blow by making coconut french toast with Bananas foster and strawberries.  We had so much fun and thank Grandma and Grandpa for an awesome vacation. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mason 2.5 Months

It is amazing how much love Mason brings to our home. I don't think anyone in our family can walk by Mason and not stop to give him a kiss on the cheek. We all love him so much. While I was in Cedar Hills, Noelle took these adorable shots of our little guy.

Thank you a million times over Noelle!

CH Visit

I had been waiting for school to be out so we could go have some fun up in Cedar Hills for a week.  Noelle was an awesome host and we had so much fun.  I will admit it did get pretty crazy at times and I was real nervous to have all 4 kiddos by myself but I am happy to report we all lived!
We only got a little time with Becca but we love her.  She is so fun to hang out with.  All the little girls missed each other but didn't miss a beat playing where they left off.  Livvy spent the first couple of days with Addi and Taeya and Kira could not wait to have her there.  All the kids had fun non-stop playing.  We did mostly just hang out because the thought of going somewhere made my stomach hurt!  :)  It was so so fun.