Friday, December 28, 2012

Cohen's Allergies

 For a while now, I have really been worried about Cohen.  There isn't ONE night where I can remember he doesn't wake up coughing or trying to breathe.  It was a late night a several weeks ago that I got so impatient with this that I was actually mad about it.  That poor boy, I thought, this can't be the answer to give him 3 meds a day for the rest of his life.  So I woke up the next morning and called an Ears, Nose and Throat specialist that I knew of in American Fork.  Dr. Heidi Hearas.   To my surprise she had an opening the very next week, so I went.  As I sat in the waiting room watching all the patients around me so sick and Cohen and Maxon (Maxon came for support) playing and running around I doubted why I had come.  They really can't know what's wrong, I thought as I paid the high copay, wondering if I had made a mistake.

In the room, I actually told Heidi I wasn't sure why I had come, just followed a prompting.  She put a scope down Cohen's nose and said she could tell he had severe allergies.  I kinda guessed that, but really didn't know what it meant.  So we scheduled Cohen again to go have some allergy testing done.  He had to be off his meds for a week before they could test.  This was hard!!  He got sick and was so extremely sick.  He wasn't eating and wasn't breathing well, but I knew he couldn't take his meds.  I just prayed that he could have a break.  His eyes got sunk and I asked if he needed a blessing.  Jeremy said if he had faith he would heal.  By that next morning he was a million times better.  I pointed that out to Cohen and he lit up.  I could tell he was figuring out the connection.

Much to my avail, I called the Dr and they didn't think it was wise to test Cohen while his immune system was down and I was so disappointed because he had suffered all week just to be off and I didn't want to do that again.  The Dr made a few calls and told me that it would be OK.  So we went.

Cohen was pricked 64 time.  16 pricks at one time up and down his arms and legs.  He was so brave.  His eyes sprang with tears, but he never cried.  The night before I walked in on him while he was saying his prayers and he was praying that the Dr wouldn't hurt him.  I am sure that is why he didn't cry.  Each prick had a number by it so the Dr could tell what allergen he was allergic to. He had numbers all over and he showed everyone.

It turns out that Cohen is full of allergies.  His tiny body can't handle any dairy, corn, and most wheat.  He is very allergic to horses, cats and other animals.  Trees and grasses and many weeds.  As the list went on I again found myself very frustrated. What was a supposed to feed him?  Our eating was going to have to change in a way that I am unsure of.  I kept telling myself ...time.  I prayed for this answer and I was going to have to be thankful for it.  I am.  It answered so many questions as to why Cohen LOVES soccer but hates to play it.  He hated being outside.  His constant need for snacks but never really eating them.  Every meal his stomach would hurt and I just assumed it was his way of not wanting to eat because he didn't like it.  I scolded and pushed Cohen to do things that his body was telling him no.  That will always hurt me but now I know.  I am forever grateful for those tender mercies that help me as a mom.  The prompting to go to the Dr, the blessing to make Cohen feel better, and the calm reassurance that I can figure out what I need to do to make Cohen better.  On our way home we hit up Costco.  Cohen was telling me all the people that told him how cute Mason was.  He was proud to be there right by him and I love Cohen for that.  He is one cute sweet little boy and like I tell him, we will figure this out.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scottie our Elf

This year we got Scottie the Elf. He has been fabulous to watch over the kids to make sure they were nice and not naughty. He has been great to take all the notes the kids left for him to take to Santa. Here is one that Cohen left. Santa came through and brought a watch.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dinner party ..tradition?

I have been wanting to do a dinner party for a while now, so when Jeremy said a Christmas party would be good, I jumped on it. Seriously I have the sweetest hubby ever to do this for me!  The kids went to Grandma's and we cooked all day.  We made sparkling mango lemonade with pomegranates seeds and juice drizzled in. 
First course was Caesar Salad with homemade dressing and my personal favorite..homemade croutons!  I kept sneaking and eating them all day like a snack!  It's a wonder we had enough to put out for dinner!

Tiff and Dev were our guests.  It seriously was so fun and yummy.  We offered to take a pic of the boys but they declined.  Don't know why.
Crab cakes on a Jicama Slaw.  Enough said.  VERY impressed that Tiff knew it was Jicama. 
Main dish was garlic mashed potatoes, fillet Mignon with a mushroom reduction sauce, and panko battered zucchini strips dusted in parm.  I made a pumpkin roll for dessert but I really don't know how we ate all the food.  All I can say is I am already making a menu for next year.  We had a great time with good friends.

Dance Recital

Livvy had her Winter dance recital at the Tree For All.  They danced to "I'm Gettin' Nothin' For Christmas."
Dad and Mason patiently waiting for the performance. 

Averie came to support Olivia.  It was super sweet.  What a good friend.  Then we got to see Santa!  Mason didn't cry.  He just stared at the old guy!  Coy told Santa he wanted lots of animals.  Cohen was super sick and he stayed with Uncle Taylor while we went to watch Livvy.  He asked Livvy to tell Santa that he wanted Lord Gomadon from Ninjago for Christmas.  BUT Livvy was so caught up in the excitement ...she forgot.  So Cohen wrote a note.

Livvy is saying, "Oh PLEASE, OH PLEASE, can I have something REAL for Christmas."  HA! No.

Oh Boy...or Girl??

Sometimes Livvy gets bored and then she gets Mason and goes in her room and shuts the door.  We don't always know what she does but as long as they are both happy, I am happy.  But this day she dressed Mason up in her build-a-bear shirt and shoes and put her tu-tu on him.  Then she made a hat out of paper for the finishing touch.  Funny thing is he kinda looks cute being a girl!  He looks exactly like Olivia!!

Holly's Baby Shower

While we were all together for Thanksgiving we had a baby shower for Holly.  I'm excited for Holly have her first baby and live somewhat close to me.  She is going to be a great mama. I know this because she takes such good care of my kids.  We had so much fun that day.  After the shower the sisters went shopping. We just go to be together and laugh and enjoy each other without the kiddos.  The best part was when Holly bought us all drinks and we sat outside a shop and just laughed.  It felt so good.  The only thing missing was Jolynne.  We will have to do it again!

I made my first diaper cake!  I never made one before but I really wanted to make one for Holly.  On the diaper cake I placed 10 of my favorite baby items.  I didn't get a pic of that but it was cute if I do say so myself! 

We love Holly very much and can't wait for the arrival of Kolt!  Another boy!  We must be really good at boys ... or something like that!  GOOD LUCK HOLLY!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thanks Giving

YOU KNOW I was so excited to spend Thanks Giving in Arizona with my family. We drove to Benita's house and stayed with her but we were back and forth between my Mom's house and Lori's house. We really did have a great time.  Thanks Giving morning there were lots of cooks.  I kinda just relaxed and messed around with my camera as you can see.  They were laughing at me a bit.  BUT I bet there were so happy I got some photos. 

Everything was so beautifully decorated and delicious.  We had a great time eating and eating.  

Oh HEY, Scott!
The weather was so awesome.  As you can see my kids spent their time in shorts and swimsuits.  Livvy got out of the pool long enough to get dressed then changed and got back in the pool right after.  Jaren and Livvy were FISH!  Their eyes were so dried out they both needed eye drops to see again!

Such a fun weekend. I love my family so much.  Thank you MOM!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The BIGGEST Secret...

When Candice went to Nicaragua we knew we were going to miss her, but I didn't realize how much.  Jed found the perfect way to distract us by investing time into remodeling her whole main floor.  When I say remodel I use the term loosely because it was a major transformation of the home.  It was done very secretly and I had to limit talking to her over skype because my anxiety level was through the roof when my kids were talking with Grandma.  I thoguht for sure something would slip out and I would be held responsible for the slip.   I did very little compared to others but it was such an big thing for me to give back to Candice for the many things she does for me.  I love her.

Stacy and I had the job of clearing out the cabinets.  So when the kids went to school and we geared up for fast working.  I had a big garbage bag and tried to throw only things away that were necessary!  For sure, I promise.  If you can't find it you will have to ask Stacy.  A few times I could see Jed coming over out of the corner of my eye and he would pull things out of the trash saying, "Oh. You can't throw that away."  I really didn't throw much away.  I love Jed to pieces!  It was so fun to be a small part in it.  We found lots of really cool things too! Among them was a really old picture of Jeremy.  I think 14 maybe?  I put it on my mirror at home.
Every time we would come to the house some other transformation was taking place.  It happend so quickly and the timing on everything was nothing more than a miracle.  New lighting, switches, carpet, painting, cleaning, set up was all done in a matter of a few weeks.
My painting partner in crime.  Noelle chose the colors of the new home.  She did awesome with a light blue, bright white and tan.  She is a crazy hard worker and I had to work hard to keep up with her. Kera and Stacy helped tons too with painting and trading off to watch babies.  Mason was a champ and chilled a lot during this week.  And the cousins had so much fun together.  I don't know how we managed to keep it from Candice when she is so good to keep track of our comings and goings.
Jeremy and I went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving so we were not there for the unveiling but we were able to Skype in from Arizona.  Technology is so awesome.  It felt like we were there...almost.  Seems like in the excitement when Candice came in we were still on a chair propped up to look at the front door.  We yelled and screamed at the screen for someone to pick us up and take us with them.  A few kids walked by and we shouted at them.  At one point Logan could hear his name and looked around but didn't notice us on the small screen.  It was actually quite funny.

 We were so happy for Candice and Jed to update their home to fit all of our crazy families.  We love them so much and all they do for us.  Thank you for letting us be a part of the BEST SURPRISE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!