Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thanks Giving

YOU KNOW I was so excited to spend Thanks Giving in Arizona with my family. We drove to Benita's house and stayed with her but we were back and forth between my Mom's house and Lori's house. We really did have a great time.  Thanks Giving morning there were lots of cooks.  I kinda just relaxed and messed around with my camera as you can see.  They were laughing at me a bit.  BUT I bet there were so happy I got some photos. 

Everything was so beautifully decorated and delicious.  We had a great time eating and eating.  

Oh HEY, Scott!
The weather was so awesome.  As you can see my kids spent their time in shorts and swimsuits.  Livvy got out of the pool long enough to get dressed then changed and got back in the pool right after.  Jaren and Livvy were FISH!  Their eyes were so dried out they both needed eye drops to see again!

Such a fun weekend. I love my family so much.  Thank you MOM!!

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