Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cohen is 6!

 Happy Birthday to COHEN!  He made it to his 6th birthday!!!  WAHOO!  Cohen was so happy his birthday finally came.  He seriously counted down for almost a year!  

 If you don't know what Ninjago Legos are then you definitely don't have a boy.  He is obsessed with legos and especially these ninja lego guys.  He sits for hours building and rebuilding these sets.  I actually blame my sis-in-law Noelle for the beginning of his obsession.  Do you realize how many tiny pieces I step on per day?  Cohen is into building the legos, spinners, and using the right weapons for the "guys."

 This was my attempt at making lego head cupcakes for Cohen's class.  If anyone can figure out why the food markers don't write smoothly, I'm all ears!
Dear Cohen,

Six is a big age!  You are officially out of the toddler boy phase.  You are the sweetest 6 year old I know.  You have such a tender heart and a very strong will.  Sometimes when you stomp your foot at me and fist it makes me laugh- but how quick you are at doing what I need.  This year has been a real struggle with me listening to you breathe or your lack of breathing during the night.  I knew we needed to figure out what was going on in your body.  With a big prompting one night I called a special Dr. who happened to have an opening in her schedule to see you.  We found out many answers that day as you were so brave to be pricked 64 times.  It answers so many questions and we will figure your little body out so you can breathe and be healthy.  I love sneaking in on you when you are saying your prayers.  It makes my heart smile.  How proud I am for you to find a friend in your Heavenly Father.  You are undoubtedly a leader.  You teach Coy!  It is awesome to watch you play with your best buddy Coy.  When we were at the park, many of your friends were there beckoning you to play with them. Do you know what you told the group? "This is my little brother, Coy, and I am going to help him and be with him for a little while."  I was so proud of you!  Coy will always have your back too.  Your teachers all tell me how you love to sit by everyone.  No matter who it is, they are your friend.  You are brilliant Cohen and I love you.

Love, Mom 

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