Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4th Of July/ Food Booth

We didn't see much of Jeremy because he's been wanted to participate in doing a food booth forever and now he got his chance. Jeremy and Fish were open for business but MAN, it was a lot of work.  These boys didn't get much sleep as they prepared.  They served Kalua Pork and Teriyaki Chicken with sticky rice and a potato salad.  It was freaking good!  Jeremy loves good food and more importantly sharing good food with others.

4th of July means to me: HOT, Summer, Fun, Parades, Popcycles, Sunscreen, Fireworks, Family, Carnival Rides, Yummy Food Booths and enjoying Freedom!


Coy likes his little chair.  He preferred to be in it than on the street with the kids getting soaked with water from hoses in the parade.
Uncle Trent helping Coy find the "horsey" in the parade.

I am not sure how many times I told the kids "NO" I am not buying the light-up things. I am not sure who ended up buying them but I am pretty sure it was Uncle Taylor.  HMM... BUT I AM SO GLAD HE DID.  We were all hanging out in a really dark field waiting for the fireworks to begin and I noticed Coy was gone.  My first thought was I was wrong cause he never wonders away from our group.  But the second glance got me to my feet and started asking if anyone saw him.  No.  My whole body wanted to scream but I calmly started scanning the area.  Nothing.  Then some in my group started spreading out to cover a wider range. All I could think was look low and look for a light up necklace around his neck and I took off in one direction. 

Down the field in a group of people I could see the necklace in the dark. I heard his little voice calling, "Daddy?"  I grabbed him and he was so scared.  Me too.  Thank goodness he had that necklace on because it was the only thing I could see of him.  SCARY!  After that I didn't let him get away from me.  He sat on my lap through the fireworks and yelled out the color as they burst.  He loved them and I do have to say that I was impressed at the display.  Last year on the 4th Livvy got lost in a huge crowd.  At this rate I know I am going to lose Cohen next year.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stadium Of Fire!

There was no way Olivia and I were not going to go to Stadium Of Fire this year.  Of course it was because Brad Paisley was the star performer. Benita and her roommate came with us and it was so much fun.  Olivia had a few misconceptions about what was going to happen at the event.  She thought she was going to MEET Brad.  Well, you know I wish that could've happened and Olivia was disappointed.  Then she was annoyed with all the "hoop-la" before Brad hit the stage.  She said, "I am only here to listen to Brad."  lol. ( I might have her brainwashed!)  It was a late night but I LOVED every second I spent with her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 Political BBQ

It was the 2nd Anuual Political dinner and it was great.  Jeremy and one of his best friends Fish got together and cooked and cooked and prepped and prepped. The dinner was amazing.  Those in attendance included Senator Lee, Gov. Herbert, Many local leaders and delegates. It was fun also because I threatened Benita with her life if she didn't come help.  Seemed like the perfect family event with Don and Lisa bringing water, Holly and Jaren helped throughout and brought tables, and Deco running shuttle.  It was much appreciated help!  Thanks guys!

The embarrassing moment of the night was when the Mayor of Saratoga Springs's Husband asked me who my county delegates were.  I could feel my face turn tomato red as I fumbled for an excuse as to why I didn't know.  DANG IT!!!!  I forget I need to know things like this if I am going to show up at a political function. 

Benita stayed with me till every last dish was dried and clean. As Fish put it, "Rock-Star!"

My job was decorating so I turned making the cards over to Noelle and she printed the cute food cards.
Fish was a trooper spending 5 hours over the grill in the scorching sun!

Girls Camp R.A.C.E.

I am definitely not in Cedar Hills anymore.  This girls camp was a little bit of a wake up call to camping...Well to Girls Camp in general.  Tiff, Julie, April and Becca I am pretty sure you would die if you saw what we were doing.  It makes me laugh actually. (Maybe cry a little.)  There is GOOD news however.  Camp is NOT five days!!! It's only 2 nights in Blanding!  I was so happy to hear that!  Having said that, there was no excuses at this camp.  Girls got down and did "work."  There were no boats, canoes and frankly well there was even no water to get in.  At one point the water to the toilets ran out.  I am not in Kansas anymore.

Our camp theme was:  R.A.C.E - Always Remembering Christ Example.  Our ward was assigned Individual Worth - Red.  The stake did an EXCELLENT job with activities and planning.

The first strange thing for me is NO ONE had a camera.  None of the girls or leaders (except me) had one!!  REALLY?!?!?!?!  We had to always assign a camp photographer and set up a picture account so all the girls could upload their pictures to one spot.  So I assigned myself to take pictures.  I am sure some were annoyed but I really didn't care.  :)

These are the leaders from left to right.
Snookie (PP Leader), Ashley (President), Meghan (Laural Advisor), Torri (camp director), Natani (Sec), Lisa (1st Counselor), Trisha (2nd Counselor), Me (Miamaid Advisor)

Ok so I should've taken a group pic on the first day not the last night but it was better than nothing.  2nd weird thing was everyone had make-up.  New rule: NO make-up allowed!!

2nd new rule:  Bring all serving utensils.  Just so you know, nobody died even if they did see a few wood chips floating in their pink lemonade.
3rd New Rule:  Bring hot pads and cleaning supplies.  (really?? How did we not bring this? Oh well, not to worry, it ALL worked out!)

Aww...Gotta love Steph taking one for the team BUT...
4th New rule:  No climbing in trees to take pictures.  (Pretty impressive though)
5th Rule:  DO NOT believe the stake leaders when they say it's an easy 20 minute hike.

6th New Rule:  Don't cook potatoes in an open flame for 2 hours.
7th New Rule:  Bring extra food. 8th New Rule:  Bring extra food.
It was so much fun to go be with these girls and I love, love, love them to pieces.  They have such strong testimonies and its fun to be apart of it.  LOVE THEM!  I didn't think I could love any girls more than my Cedar Hills girls but it just goes to show the gospel is the same everywhere...including Blanding.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Time times 2!

I am so lucky to have such cute adorable nieces come into this world.  They were born 2 days apart.  Jolynne's Baby was born in Texas and it was so (and is) so hard for me to be so far away. 

Palmer Tay Harrison
She is so so pretty and tiny.  I am lucky at least she is not far away and Stacy will let me hold her whenever.

 Baby Lola Jayne Roberts
Aww...Big sister is getting used to this little one.  I am proud of you JO!!

Thankfully Stacy held off having the baby till we could throw her a Blanding Baby Shower. It was super fun.

I love doing showers and parties.  I rushed home from Girls Camp to work on these babies.  I couldn't have done it without Cam by my side.  It was fun and they turned out super cute.

It REALLY bugs me this turned sideways but I tried everything!  This tower is my new favorite thing.  It has holes for my cake pops on one side and not on the other for cupcakes.  LOVE IT! 

Addi spent a couple of weeks here in Blanding and these girls had SOO much fun. They were a big help during the shower bringing all Stacy's gifts to her.  Marilyn made little matching shirts for them.  For a few days they only wanted to be referred to as Addi-Peanut Butter and Livvy- Jelly.