Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stadium Of Fire!

There was no way Olivia and I were not going to go to Stadium Of Fire this year.  Of course it was because Brad Paisley was the star performer. Benita and her roommate came with us and it was so much fun.  Olivia had a few misconceptions about what was going to happen at the event.  She thought she was going to MEET Brad.  Well, you know I wish that could've happened and Olivia was disappointed.  Then she was annoyed with all the "hoop-la" before Brad hit the stage.  She said, "I am only here to listen to Brad."  lol. ( I might have her brainwashed!)  It was a late night but I LOVED every second I spent with her.


Jolynne said...

I am jealous you guys got to see Brad! Livvy looks adoraable!

Brandalyn said...

So cute! Wish I could've joined you this year. Love all your recent posts, I still need the picture of us at Strawberry days.