Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Time times 2!

I am so lucky to have such cute adorable nieces come into this world.  They were born 2 days apart.  Jolynne's Baby was born in Texas and it was so (and is) so hard for me to be so far away. 

Palmer Tay Harrison
She is so so pretty and tiny.  I am lucky at least she is not far away and Stacy will let me hold her whenever.

 Baby Lola Jayne Roberts
Aww...Big sister is getting used to this little one.  I am proud of you JO!!

Thankfully Stacy held off having the baby till we could throw her a Blanding Baby Shower. It was super fun.

I love doing showers and parties.  I rushed home from Girls Camp to work on these babies.  I couldn't have done it without Cam by my side.  It was fun and they turned out super cute.

It REALLY bugs me this turned sideways but I tried everything!  This tower is my new favorite thing.  It has holes for my cake pops on one side and not on the other for cupcakes.  LOVE IT! 

Addi spent a couple of weeks here in Blanding and these girls had SOO much fun. They were a big help during the shower bringing all Stacy's gifts to her.  Marilyn made little matching shirts for them.  For a few days they only wanted to be referred to as Addi-Peanut Butter and Livvy- Jelly. 

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