Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girls Camp R.A.C.E.

I am definitely not in Cedar Hills anymore.  This girls camp was a little bit of a wake up call to camping...Well to Girls Camp in general.  Tiff, Julie, April and Becca I am pretty sure you would die if you saw what we were doing.  It makes me laugh actually. (Maybe cry a little.)  There is GOOD news however.  Camp is NOT five days!!! It's only 2 nights in Blanding!  I was so happy to hear that!  Having said that, there was no excuses at this camp.  Girls got down and did "work."  There were no boats, canoes and frankly well there was even no water to get in.  At one point the water to the toilets ran out.  I am not in Kansas anymore.

Our camp theme was:  R.A.C.E - Always Remembering Christ Example.  Our ward was assigned Individual Worth - Red.  The stake did an EXCELLENT job with activities and planning.

The first strange thing for me is NO ONE had a camera.  None of the girls or leaders (except me) had one!!  REALLY?!?!?!?!  We had to always assign a camp photographer and set up a picture account so all the girls could upload their pictures to one spot.  So I assigned myself to take pictures.  I am sure some were annoyed but I really didn't care.  :)

These are the leaders from left to right.
Snookie (PP Leader), Ashley (President), Meghan (Laural Advisor), Torri (camp director), Natani (Sec), Lisa (1st Counselor), Trisha (2nd Counselor), Me (Miamaid Advisor)

Ok so I should've taken a group pic on the first day not the last night but it was better than nothing.  2nd weird thing was everyone had make-up.  New rule: NO make-up allowed!!

2nd new rule:  Bring all serving utensils.  Just so you know, nobody died even if they did see a few wood chips floating in their pink lemonade.
3rd New Rule:  Bring hot pads and cleaning supplies.  (really?? How did we not bring this? Oh well, not to worry, it ALL worked out!)

Aww...Gotta love Steph taking one for the team BUT...
4th New rule:  No climbing in trees to take pictures.  (Pretty impressive though)
5th Rule:  DO NOT believe the stake leaders when they say it's an easy 20 minute hike.

6th New Rule:  Don't cook potatoes in an open flame for 2 hours.
7th New Rule:  Bring extra food. 8th New Rule:  Bring extra food.
It was so much fun to go be with these girls and I love, love, love them to pieces.  They have such strong testimonies and its fun to be apart of it.  LOVE THEM!  I didn't think I could love any girls more than my Cedar Hills girls but it just goes to show the gospel is the same everywhere...including Blanding.


Amber said...

Of course you are in YW again! You are amazing with the youth!

Nicole & Trent said...

Ha ha. Love this post. Too funny. I like all the new rules. Especially "Take extra food." Did ya'll run out of food? I was camp director for 2nd ward and I was a stress case about the food. But it all turned out good.

R Clan said...

That sounded like so much fun. How I wish I could go to THAT girls camp. :)