Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving in Arizona

There is something about Arizona weather at Thanksgiving that just calls my name! I love it! We had fun this long weekend doing all the things we love.  McCoy and Lily had the best time.  We wouldn't see them for hours and they pretend played.
We stayed some at Benita's house and loved playing with Luke, although I am pretty sure he was overwhelmed by our loudness!

Mason just loves Bailey, Nana's Golden Retriever.  He literally sits and lays on him all day and Bailey hardly moves enough to notice him.  It's no wonder other dogs want to bite Mason!  He learned on Bailey!

We headed to the park a lot because it was so dang nice!  

At nights, after a long swimming session and shopping till we dropped we were all pretty wiped!
Always fun to see Lori and Benita.  We look alike in this pic!!  

Don't worry, we got enough device time.  ha ha.  Cohen makes sure of it!

Thanksgiving was as beautiful to the eye as it was to eat...and eat.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Olivia - "the trend-setter"

When Olivia gets a vision, you just go with it. I followed all her instructions to do her hair for school. I am not sure I did what was in her head, but she is beautiful just the same. I love that she is getting more involved in how she would like her hair and clothes. It's fun to shop with her and get her opinions.  She's my little buddy!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Heather's Birthday

Let's be honest... Having a birthday isn't about how old you are getting. It's about how good the food is!! Jeremy made me this awesome dinner and Tiff made me this awesome cake. I felt loved.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cohen turns 7!

Cohen is SEVEN!  No matter how much you would love to stop just keeps going.  Cohen is a spit-fire!  He wears every emotion on his sleeve.  I love it when he learns something new or is having a super great day.  It's contagious and you just want to be around him.   He LOVES to build Legos.  He's super great at building his own inventions, usually having to do with ninjas.
His allergies prevent him from eating a lot of things he loves, but he has a really good attitude about it.  He loves meatballs so that's what he chose for his birthday dinner.

Of course, we cannot leave out his love for creepers from Minecraft.  He loves music, especially the Minecraft songs!  He cannot go to sleep at night unless he listens to lullaby's.

On his birthday we checked him out of school and had a lunch date with us.  I love doing that!

Dear Cohen,

Ahh, your face!  I love it.  You are the coolest kid I know.  You take your trials like a champ and don't let them slow you down.  I am continually impressed by your kindness.  You always want to surprise someone with a little gift or do an extra chore, especially for McCoy.  You are the BEST big brother.  So kind to let your brothers tag along with you and your friends.  You say you just want to be the smartest, but you already are!!  Oh my goodness Cohen! Everyday I have to think of new chores for you to do because all you want to do is get the work done!  You love to work!  You are for sure a leader.  One day while you were walking home from school with a friend, you got lost.  Your first instinct was to pray and you did.  When you were finished with your prayer you looked up and recognized a house down the street.  I was so proud of you!  Never be too smart to pray.  Love your guts little man!  You are just like your awesome Dad.  We love you so much!

Love, Mom

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Murder Mystery Party -Grease!

It was one of Kristi's brilliant ideas to do a Murder Mystery Party. It was so much fun!  I have never been a part of one and I was skeptical, but we had a really good group that made it great.  Even though Stacy's character killed mine, I forgave her and we are still friends!  We had fun getting ready for the party too.  The food was also super yummy sliders.  Kristi knows how to put on a party!
Oh my gosh!! These wigs killed me!! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Best lil' Buddies

Oh my goodness, McCoy is the sweetest boy.  Seriously.  He cares for all his friends so much.  He loves to plan play dates and loves Adi so much!  I love it.  I hope he stays this sweet his whole life and I have a feeling he will. Hot Chocolate in an animal mug.  What more could you want on a cold day?