Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cohen turns 7!

Cohen is SEVEN!  No matter how much you would love to stop just keeps going.  Cohen is a spit-fire!  He wears every emotion on his sleeve.  I love it when he learns something new or is having a super great day.  It's contagious and you just want to be around him.   He LOVES to build Legos.  He's super great at building his own inventions, usually having to do with ninjas.
His allergies prevent him from eating a lot of things he loves, but he has a really good attitude about it.  He loves meatballs so that's what he chose for his birthday dinner.

Of course, we cannot leave out his love for creepers from Minecraft.  He loves music, especially the Minecraft songs!  He cannot go to sleep at night unless he listens to lullaby's.

On his birthday we checked him out of school and had a lunch date with us.  I love doing that!

Dear Cohen,

Ahh, your face!  I love it.  You are the coolest kid I know.  You take your trials like a champ and don't let them slow you down.  I am continually impressed by your kindness.  You always want to surprise someone with a little gift or do an extra chore, especially for McCoy.  You are the BEST big brother.  So kind to let your brothers tag along with you and your friends.  You say you just want to be the smartest, but you already are!!  Oh my goodness Cohen! Everyday I have to think of new chores for you to do because all you want to do is get the work done!  You love to work!  You are for sure a leader.  One day while you were walking home from school with a friend, you got lost.  Your first instinct was to pray and you did.  When you were finished with your prayer you looked up and recognized a house down the street.  I was so proud of you!  Never be too smart to pray.  Love your guts little man!  You are just like your awesome Dad.  We love you so much!

Love, Mom

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