Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving in Arizona

There is something about Arizona weather at Thanksgiving that just calls my name! I love it! We had fun this long weekend doing all the things we love.  McCoy and Lily had the best time.  We wouldn't see them for hours and they pretend played.
We stayed some at Benita's house and loved playing with Luke, although I am pretty sure he was overwhelmed by our loudness!

Mason just loves Bailey, Nana's Golden Retriever.  He literally sits and lays on him all day and Bailey hardly moves enough to notice him.  It's no wonder other dogs want to bite Mason!  He learned on Bailey!

We headed to the park a lot because it was so dang nice!  

At nights, after a long swimming session and shopping till we dropped we were all pretty wiped!
Always fun to see Lori and Benita.  We look alike in this pic!!  

Don't worry, we got enough device time.  ha ha.  Cohen makes sure of it!

Thanksgiving was as beautiful to the eye as it was to eat...and eat.

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