Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's Valentine's Day! Some of us were more grumpy getting up than others! HA! Cohen couldn't wait to give Livvy and my Valentine gift.  A Red crystal heart necklace for both of us.  They were super cute.  Coy saw what was going on real fast and kept walking around saying, "Where's my Valentine?"  Good thing we came though.  We got all the kids legos to play with.
Daddy made a yummy pancake heart breakfast with strawberry syrup and strawberry milk and bacon.
While the kids were at school Steph and I made these cute heart cake pops.  With Strawberry cake inside. 
Jeremy warned me a few weeks ago that he was going to be MIA on V-day.  He decided to team up with the Blanding Hospital Bistro and make a nice dinner for people to RSVP to dinner.  He cooked all day.  So as you can see, these were my dates.  I am glad they let me join in.  Tiff, Steph and Stacy have been amazing friends since I have moved to Blanding.  I probably would be high-tailing it out of town without them!
My cute Valentines!!! 
Aww, now here is the chef!  Love his guy so much. To make up being gone on V-Day, Jeremy found a darling Bed and Breakfast in Moab that we went to that Friday night.  We ate dinner at the Moab Brewery and had a relaxing evening.  Thanks Candice and Stace for taking our kids!
 When we got back from our night over in Moab.  Coy climbed onto his Dad and asked, "Did you miss me?"  Jeremy said yes and Coy said, "Oh." Then laid on his chest for awhile.  It was so sweet!

  These two girls almost need a post of their own.  They are connected at the hips.  Kathryn (a good friend of mine) and I decided to buy them matching outfits and send them to school without them knowing.  It was kinda funny. I wish I could've seen their reaction but they were happy and each thought the other looked cute.  They play almost everyday after school and share secrets only they know.  They are happy girls and are good examples to each other.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Up North Randomness

One of my favorite things about going up North is hanging out with Noelle.  I love that girl.  Mostly because she lets me come stay with her for long periods of time and never lets me feel unwanted.  We always have fun together too.  Thank you Noelle for helping me with the shower, letting me host it at your house, watching my kids while I went to dinner with friends, letting me have my friends over to watch a late movie, making a yummy dinner for me and Benita and letting her sleep over,  hanging out watching the Bachelor and hitting the mall to shop!  You're the best!! 

Superbowl Sunday
 One of my favorite things to do in Cedar Hills is just to hang out with friends.  The girls for sure found something to do while we watched, or maybe watched isn't the right word, but talked while the super bowl was on. Brynn face-painted the girls.  I love Brynn and her willingness to play with the little ones. It's crazy when we all started hanging out there were only 6 kids and now with Lawni and I adding 2 there will be 13!!!!  SO fun!!!  I MISS hanging out with my girlfriends and just being there when we need each other.  It always feels weird when one of us is missing though.  There was an empty seat where Lawni sat and we sure missed her.

 I took Coy and Cohen to Smith's Grocery and they have these cute little carts that the boys can push around.  Well they aren't so cute if you have wild boys.  I was a stress case with them mulling people over and neither one of them was going to give up their cart to share one.  So we did hurry out of there!  But Coy had a mind of his own and did a bit of shopping himself, starting with a bag of chips he set his eye on. 

 Coy's first Dentist trip was a success!  He was a little stressed out with all that was going on, but he had fun.  He got a bag of treats and was pretty happy with the outcome.  No cavities for him!  I wish I could say the same for the other two!  Cohen and Livvy got their first cavity on the same spot on the same tooth.  A flossing cavity.  I feel like flossing cavities are my fault cause I don't take the time to floss them all the time. Dang it!

Cohen walked into the dentist office and told them right away that he was a little scared to be there.  He is so funny!  The assistant asked why?  He told him he was afraid he had a cavity and didn't want a shot.  Cohen is my best brusher, 2 times a day and I thought there was no way he would have one.  He was so sad when they found out.  He cried a little with the shot, but overall did great.  Livvy thinks she is a cowgirl and they are tough and don't cry so she held it in, but her eyes said it all.  That girl!!!!  After the dentist we headed back home before too much snow hit.

On the way I stopped to get the kids a milkshake because the kids mouths were numb and I didn't want them gnawing on their cheeks.  I asked Cohen if he wanted strawberry or chocolate and he said strawberry cause he definitely didn't want another cavity!  HA HA!  I will take what I can get!  He has flossed everyday since the dentist!   (I hope so because cavities are expensive!!!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dino Museum

While we were up North for the week we took the boys (and girls) the the Dinosaur Museum. They had a lot of fun. My kids really do enjoy looking at everything. I, on the other hand, would just find myself walking through to the "fun" stuff!
Cohen enjoyed the museum very much with his buddy, Maxon.

Cute Anastyn and Coy
Adorable kiddos!!!
My boys are funny, look at Coy's face.  Cohen and Coy do not like to get dirty even if it is in the name of fun.  Cohen didn't last too long playing dinosaurs with Maxon and Coy didn't stick around too much either.  They were ready to go soon and the rest could have stayed all day! 

The Museum had a room where the kids could play hands on. This machine blew bubbles of smoke when they pressed the surface. 

Livvy and Taeya were happy to be together.  They are both getting so big!!

At least Coy sat in the sand and played!  Cohen was OUT!  I reminded him that if he wanted to be a Palaeontologist he would have to like the dirt!
After the Museum we all went to get ice cream.  All the kids sat at the bar and patiently waited for their turn to order.  I do have to say mine was the BEST one.  I have been craving it ever since.  I had a Lemon Sorbet shake -more like a smoothie but YUMMMM!!!! I want to go back...

Color Gaurd

My beautiful niece invited Jolynne and me to go to her Color Guard competition since we were in town.  We were happy we could make it.  It was fun to see our nephews too!  They took 1st Place in their Division.  So amazing!  Kayla, you did awesome!  I was so proud!!!!

 The boys look so happy to be there!  They are great to support their only sis in what she does best!  Sean did let it slip that it was a bit boring!  Ha ha!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Slumber Party

I knew I had to go up North to do everything I needed for Benita's shower and I knew I couldn't have all my kids or I wouldn't get things done!  So Grandma Lyman took my boys in the day so J could work and I took Olivia out of school for a week to go up North.  Jeremy had work meetings on Tues, Wed, and Thurs all day and I didn't see the point of just going home when he was up so that is why we stayed for a week. We all stayed in Jeremy's hotel to swim and play for one night and the rest of the time we spent at Noelle's house. 

 It was soo much fun. Livvy spent the first few nights at her cousin Addi's house.  Marilyn let Addi play hooky on Friday so they played and played.  There really is never enough time, I wish I could have stayed for 2 weeks.
Livvy's best buddy Avery gave Livvy her birthday present early.  Matching P.J's and craft stuff.  They were screaming sleepover so thanks to Joy we were able to do it.  These girls have been friends since birth and I love Avery like my own.  They are great friends.  Not to mention freaking adorable girls!!!
Livvy insisted on cutting her hair that day.  The hairdresser cut it a little shorter than I thought but Livvy didn't think it was short enough.  It definitely is a change but she looks just as adorable.
Joy got this great shot of the girls sharing the bed.  But don't worry she gave Livvy a blanket after the shot!  I miss Joy and her cute family so much!  I am just glad I get to visit.

Benita's Bridal Shower!

The Bride 
 The Sisters
Heather, Holly, Benita, Jolynne, Lisa (minus Lori)

Scott's Mom

The Surprise
To all of our surprise, Jolynne walked through the door and was able to attend Benita's shower. It was awesome!!

The Food
Soup Buffet:  Cream of Broccoli, Tomato Basil, and Cream Cheese White Chicken Chile with Brick Oven Garlic Bread, Cup cakes, Cream Cheese Oreo brownies, and B's Special Diet Coke take-home gift

The Wishing Tree

The Bubble Gum Scott Game
Megan got Scott to sneak over to her sister's house and video record a series of 25 questions about their relationship.  For each question Benita got one wrong, she had to put another piece of bubble gum in her mouth!!!

The Gifts

(I made this one!  Had to put it in with the lingerie!)

Jo made these pillows for the couch...or bed! :) Love them!

Bored Niece
Livvy was the only girl that wasn't a baby at the shower.  She only stayed to support Benita.  She was a big help answering the door and bringing gifts to and from Benita.  But even she got a little bored.  She has a Buzz Lightyear figurine in her hand and yes she did launch it to guests below but I THINK it was on accident!

People Who LOVE Benita
(Ok, let's face it.  Everyone LOVES Benita, but these are some of her besties  from throughout the years.)
Richelle,  B and Roxanne
Kate, Lisa, Megan, Chelsey
Steph, Hilary, Benita, Jenna

Megan, Benita, Sarah Beth

Steph, Benita, Nicole, and Hilary

Megs and B

The Man who gets to keep Benita...Forever...