Monday, February 20, 2012

Up North Randomness

One of my favorite things about going up North is hanging out with Noelle.  I love that girl.  Mostly because she lets me come stay with her for long periods of time and never lets me feel unwanted.  We always have fun together too.  Thank you Noelle for helping me with the shower, letting me host it at your house, watching my kids while I went to dinner with friends, letting me have my friends over to watch a late movie, making a yummy dinner for me and Benita and letting her sleep over,  hanging out watching the Bachelor and hitting the mall to shop!  You're the best!! 

Superbowl Sunday
 One of my favorite things to do in Cedar Hills is just to hang out with friends.  The girls for sure found something to do while we watched, or maybe watched isn't the right word, but talked while the super bowl was on. Brynn face-painted the girls.  I love Brynn and her willingness to play with the little ones. It's crazy when we all started hanging out there were only 6 kids and now with Lawni and I adding 2 there will be 13!!!!  SO fun!!!  I MISS hanging out with my girlfriends and just being there when we need each other.  It always feels weird when one of us is missing though.  There was an empty seat where Lawni sat and we sure missed her.

 I took Coy and Cohen to Smith's Grocery and they have these cute little carts that the boys can push around.  Well they aren't so cute if you have wild boys.  I was a stress case with them mulling people over and neither one of them was going to give up their cart to share one.  So we did hurry out of there!  But Coy had a mind of his own and did a bit of shopping himself, starting with a bag of chips he set his eye on. 

 Coy's first Dentist trip was a success!  He was a little stressed out with all that was going on, but he had fun.  He got a bag of treats and was pretty happy with the outcome.  No cavities for him!  I wish I could say the same for the other two!  Cohen and Livvy got their first cavity on the same spot on the same tooth.  A flossing cavity.  I feel like flossing cavities are my fault cause I don't take the time to floss them all the time. Dang it!

Cohen walked into the dentist office and told them right away that he was a little scared to be there.  He is so funny!  The assistant asked why?  He told him he was afraid he had a cavity and didn't want a shot.  Cohen is my best brusher, 2 times a day and I thought there was no way he would have one.  He was so sad when they found out.  He cried a little with the shot, but overall did great.  Livvy thinks she is a cowgirl and they are tough and don't cry so she held it in, but her eyes said it all.  That girl!!!!  After the dentist we headed back home before too much snow hit.

On the way I stopped to get the kids a milkshake because the kids mouths were numb and I didn't want them gnawing on their cheeks.  I asked Cohen if he wanted strawberry or chocolate and he said strawberry cause he definitely didn't want another cavity!  HA HA!  I will take what I can get!  He has flossed everyday since the dentist!   (I hope so because cavities are expensive!!!)

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