Friday, February 17, 2012

Benita's Bridal Shower!

The Bride 
 The Sisters
Heather, Holly, Benita, Jolynne, Lisa (minus Lori)

Scott's Mom

The Surprise
To all of our surprise, Jolynne walked through the door and was able to attend Benita's shower. It was awesome!!

The Food
Soup Buffet:  Cream of Broccoli, Tomato Basil, and Cream Cheese White Chicken Chile with Brick Oven Garlic Bread, Cup cakes, Cream Cheese Oreo brownies, and B's Special Diet Coke take-home gift

The Wishing Tree

The Bubble Gum Scott Game
Megan got Scott to sneak over to her sister's house and video record a series of 25 questions about their relationship.  For each question Benita got one wrong, she had to put another piece of bubble gum in her mouth!!!

The Gifts

(I made this one!  Had to put it in with the lingerie!)

Jo made these pillows for the couch...or bed! :) Love them!

Bored Niece
Livvy was the only girl that wasn't a baby at the shower.  She only stayed to support Benita.  She was a big help answering the door and bringing gifts to and from Benita.  But even she got a little bored.  She has a Buzz Lightyear figurine in her hand and yes she did launch it to guests below but I THINK it was on accident!

People Who LOVE Benita
(Ok, let's face it.  Everyone LOVES Benita, but these are some of her besties  from throughout the years.)
Richelle,  B and Roxanne
Kate, Lisa, Megan, Chelsey
Steph, Hilary, Benita, Jenna

Megan, Benita, Sarah Beth

Steph, Benita, Nicole, and Hilary

Megs and B

The Man who gets to keep Benita...Forever...

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