Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's Valentine's Day! Some of us were more grumpy getting up than others! HA! Cohen couldn't wait to give Livvy and my Valentine gift.  A Red crystal heart necklace for both of us.  They were super cute.  Coy saw what was going on real fast and kept walking around saying, "Where's my Valentine?"  Good thing we came though.  We got all the kids legos to play with.
Daddy made a yummy pancake heart breakfast with strawberry syrup and strawberry milk and bacon.
While the kids were at school Steph and I made these cute heart cake pops.  With Strawberry cake inside. 
Jeremy warned me a few weeks ago that he was going to be MIA on V-day.  He decided to team up with the Blanding Hospital Bistro and make a nice dinner for people to RSVP to dinner.  He cooked all day.  So as you can see, these were my dates.  I am glad they let me join in.  Tiff, Steph and Stacy have been amazing friends since I have moved to Blanding.  I probably would be high-tailing it out of town without them!
My cute Valentines!!! 
Aww, now here is the chef!  Love his guy so much. To make up being gone on V-Day, Jeremy found a darling Bed and Breakfast in Moab that we went to that Friday night.  We ate dinner at the Moab Brewery and had a relaxing evening.  Thanks Candice and Stace for taking our kids!
 When we got back from our night over in Moab.  Coy climbed onto his Dad and asked, "Did you miss me?"  Jeremy said yes and Coy said, "Oh." Then laid on his chest for awhile.  It was so sweet!

  These two girls almost need a post of their own.  They are connected at the hips.  Kathryn (a good friend of mine) and I decided to buy them matching outfits and send them to school without them knowing.  It was kinda funny. I wish I could've seen their reaction but they were happy and each thought the other looked cute.  They play almost everyday after school and share secrets only they know.  They are happy girls and are good examples to each other.


Brandalyn said...

You've been a busy blogger! So much fun. I love Livvy's outfit. That's a cute idea. And I wish I would've been able to go to Jeremy's dinner. I'm sure it was delicious.

Milligan Blog said...

you are getting so good at taking pics! way to go! :)