Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Boy Coy 2 1/2

What do toy animals, carpet cleaner, and rags have in common?
They are Coy's Potty Training Tools!!  Oh man do I ever dread potty training.  I might even go as far to say that I hate it.  But it needed to be done.  I didn't want two babies in diapers and I didn't want be even bigger and trying to run Coy to the potty.  So I sucked it up made plans to make no plans for 3 days and got to work.  It was a rough first day.  But Coy is a smart little sucker.  I bought him lots of animals for potty prizes.  He figured out real fast that he could run and pee in the potty and would get one so within the first afternoon he had earned all his prizes.  I had to resort to 2 M&M's after that.

Every time he would "have an accident" he would squint his face and tell me (while wagging his finger at me) that he wasn't naughty and don't be mad.  He made it almost impossible to be mad.  BUT I am happy to report he is a big boy now!!!  Phew, I am glad that is over.  For reals.
The day I started potty training, Brandalyn texted me and told me to tell Coy happy half birthday.  Who knew?  She did apparently!  He is so freaking cute.  It is my favorite age of little people and this is when I would like to freeze time. 
Coy loves to be by my side and is always making sure I am not going to leave him somewhere.  He HATES to be punished and tries real hard to be good.  His best friend in the whole world is Cohen.  Coy has taken Cohen's habbit of getting up at 6 a.m. every morning, but since the two of them get up together, they leave me out of it.  Which I am so grateful for.  They play trains and Cohen takes it upon himself to get snacks till the rest of us wake up.  Coy hates it when Cohen has friends over.  He says, "It's not fair."  I am not even sure he knows what that means!  They love playing in the bath together.  Whenever Coy gets his two M&M potty treats he asks for one green (Cohen's favorite color) and one yellow (Coy's favorite color) so he can always give one to Cohen. He is so tender and sweet!
I could stare at Coy all day.  He just lights up my world!  He is growing up sooo dang fast!  He speaks very clearly and enunciates all his words.  It's kinda crazy.  But he is just a tiny thing and his pants still hardly stay up and his little bum is always falling out.  (It's kinda funny!)

No more crib - Check
No more bink - Check
No more diapers - Check
No more blanket - hmmm...

Coy informed me that he didn't want to have a bye-bye Blankie party. So I think he's had enough trauma for awhile.  Love that little Stink!


Alyson Bailey said...

What an irresistible little boy! Brandalyn and I tried to do a little duo training with the girls the other day and Anastyn did really well running around naked and went in the potty quite a bit. Alayna came upstairs wet after the first 20 minutes! uhhh! I'm so glad I got to see Coy when u came up, he really is pure joy:)

The Milligan Blog said...

Go Coy!!! what a cutie pie!!! Love Him!

Mary said...

What a great Mom you are! So proud of Coy for being such a big boy. I'm with you- I dread potty training but the few days of sticking to it are so worth it. As for the blanket - Luke still loves his - but it never leaves the house and usually stays in his room unless he's extra tired or is watching a movie. Kids need a little extra comfort sometimes - especially when their mommies are busy taking care of everything... So if I were you I wouldn't even worry about Coy's blanket.