Friday, February 17, 2012

Slumber Party

I knew I had to go up North to do everything I needed for Benita's shower and I knew I couldn't have all my kids or I wouldn't get things done!  So Grandma Lyman took my boys in the day so J could work and I took Olivia out of school for a week to go up North.  Jeremy had work meetings on Tues, Wed, and Thurs all day and I didn't see the point of just going home when he was up so that is why we stayed for a week. We all stayed in Jeremy's hotel to swim and play for one night and the rest of the time we spent at Noelle's house. 

 It was soo much fun. Livvy spent the first few nights at her cousin Addi's house.  Marilyn let Addi play hooky on Friday so they played and played.  There really is never enough time, I wish I could have stayed for 2 weeks.
Livvy's best buddy Avery gave Livvy her birthday present early.  Matching P.J's and craft stuff.  They were screaming sleepover so thanks to Joy we were able to do it.  These girls have been friends since birth and I love Avery like my own.  They are great friends.  Not to mention freaking adorable girls!!!
Livvy insisted on cutting her hair that day.  The hairdresser cut it a little shorter than I thought but Livvy didn't think it was short enough.  It definitely is a change but she looks just as adorable.
Joy got this great shot of the girls sharing the bed.  But don't worry she gave Livvy a blanket after the shot!  I miss Joy and her cute family so much!  I am just glad I get to visit.

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