Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dino Museum

While we were up North for the week we took the boys (and girls) the the Dinosaur Museum. They had a lot of fun. My kids really do enjoy looking at everything. I, on the other hand, would just find myself walking through to the "fun" stuff!
Cohen enjoyed the museum very much with his buddy, Maxon.

Cute Anastyn and Coy
Adorable kiddos!!!
My boys are funny, look at Coy's face.  Cohen and Coy do not like to get dirty even if it is in the name of fun.  Cohen didn't last too long playing dinosaurs with Maxon and Coy didn't stick around too much either.  They were ready to go soon and the rest could have stayed all day! 

The Museum had a room where the kids could play hands on. This machine blew bubbles of smoke when they pressed the surface. 

Livvy and Taeya were happy to be together.  They are both getting so big!!

At least Coy sat in the sand and played!  Cohen was OUT!  I reminded him that if he wanted to be a Palaeontologist he would have to like the dirt!
After the Museum we all went to get ice cream.  All the kids sat at the bar and patiently waited for their turn to order.  I do have to say mine was the BEST one.  I have been craving it ever since.  I had a Lemon Sorbet shake -more like a smoothie but YUMMMM!!!! I want to go back...

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