Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 Political BBQ

It was the 2nd Anuual Political dinner and it was great.  Jeremy and one of his best friends Fish got together and cooked and cooked and prepped and prepped. The dinner was amazing.  Those in attendance included Senator Lee, Gov. Herbert, Many local leaders and delegates. It was fun also because I threatened Benita with her life if she didn't come help.  Seemed like the perfect family event with Don and Lisa bringing water, Holly and Jaren helped throughout and brought tables, and Deco running shuttle.  It was much appreciated help!  Thanks guys!

The embarrassing moment of the night was when the Mayor of Saratoga Springs's Husband asked me who my county delegates were.  I could feel my face turn tomato red as I fumbled for an excuse as to why I didn't know.  DANG IT!!!!  I forget I need to know things like this if I am going to show up at a political function. 

Benita stayed with me till every last dish was dried and clean. As Fish put it, "Rock-Star!"

My job was decorating so I turned making the cards over to Noelle and she printed the cute food cards.
Fish was a trooper spending 5 hours over the grill in the scorching sun!

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