Friday, December 7, 2012

Mason 6 months!

Oh MAN! I love this chubby baby!!  He is pretty little but he is so much bigger than my other babies.  I have to shove the diaper in between his little rolls and I love it!  He is the most pleasant baby to be around. EVER.  Coy loves to hold him for seconds at a time and then he wants to give him back cause he "too heavy" for him.      
Macey Moo, Maso, Maze are some of his nicknames.  I love the newborn for a minute but when they hit 6 months and you start to see their personality it is soo awesome.  He likes to smile and spit.  Usually one follows the other.  :)  He eats like a champ, he eats anything.  It's like he can scope what's up ahead when you are walking with him so he can grab it and try to put it in his mouth.  LOVE this little munchkin. I could cuddle him all day!

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