Monday, November 19, 2012

Finally Halloween!!

Oh Man, the cutest kids in the world!! 
One Halloween tradition we have is to make Chili.  Jeremy makes his famous chili and it is soooo good!  Friends stop by to get a taste of it.  It for sure didn't disappoint tonight!  We had our friends Tiff and Devan and their kids over too.  Halloween isn't the same for me unless we are with friends.  It was a really fun night and the kids had fun gathering their candies. 
Love this little boy Gaige!  By the end of the night his costume was stripped and he had no shoes on.  He didn't bother to carry a bag for his candy cause he just ate it as it came along!  HA!!
My friend Tiff and little bunny.  It is so fun to be around them!

Cash and Cohen.  Such cuties!!!

Tiff brought the magic potion for the kids to drink.  Super cute fun idea.  It was a big hit!

My little monkey just leaned to sit up!!  He really digs it.  He also pretty much digs the candy too. 

The ONLY 2 girls in the bunch.  Bodie and Olivia.  And of course Livvy wanted Bodie to herself, but who can blame her.  This little beauty NEVER stops smiling.  She is just like Livvy when she was little. 

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