Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween Party + Scout Bday!

There were no stops on this Halloween/Birthday Party for Scout! It was so much fun and hard to resist coming so it didn't take much convincing to get Stacy to come up with me.  We borrowed a couple of costumes from Brandalyn.  I was a vampire (sorta) and Stacy was a witch (minus the hat).  Noelle was one of the Avengers.  One of the rotations Noelle had going was this photo wall.  She thinks of everything! 

Coy the Dino loved the painting pumpkin rotation.  He sat there forever till his pumpkin was completely covered in every color they had.  Took a LONG time to dry!!
The birthday girl and her mama!!
The basement was turned into a haunted house!  It was so awesome that Cohen and Coy opted out!
Livvy was a leopard and Addi was a cave girl.  They looked a lot the same! Cute girls!!
Mason my little adorable snuggly monkey! He was content watching everyone wide-eyed!
A face painter came.  She did an awesome job. 
Maxon the Hulk!

All the amazing goodies that Noelle made.  I could not stop eating the muddy buddies!

During the party where do we find Livvy??  Of course, with our newest cousin Arianna.  Beautiful.

Cohen was Darth Vader.  He wouldn't wear his helmet because I had spiked his hair.  Apparently it hurt to wear it.  So I wasn't supposed to do his hair on Halloween. :)
It was so fun to be a part of Noelle's Party.  She is such a fun Aunt and I love her to pieces!  Happy Birthday Scout!

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