Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cohen Birthday Party/My Birthday

It was fun to share my birthday with Cohen's party.  I always love 8 little people running around sword fighting and dodging swipes!  The best part of the weekend was the fact that Benita came!!  She was a HUGE help with the party.  We really did have so much fun.  The theme was LEGO. More specifically Ninjago LEGO.

We played pin the head on the LEGO guy.  They all colored their own face.  It was fun.  The heads ended up all over the place!

Cohen and Jake Ivins (Cousins)
Benita got Cohen a LEGO Card to use at the LEGO store near her house.
We also played a game where they had to suck up LEGOS with a straw. 
LEGO toss.
Lots of fruit punch!
Decorated their own cupcake...
This is Berlin, one of Cohen's friends at school.  He really loves the girls in his class and insisted on 3 of them coming to his party.  When Cohen told Berlin that he wanted her to come to his party she said that she didn't like going to boys' parties.  So Cohen told me she didn't want to come.  Well a few days later, Cohen came home and said Berlin decided she DID want to come.  So we sent her an invitation.  When Berlin's Mom called to RSVP she said that Berlin was so worried she wasn't going to the party because she didn't have an invite.  Cohen just shrugged his shoulders when I told him and he said he didn't understand her.  LOL!!!  Makes me laugh!!!
Cohen says:  Mom how old are you?  Mom:  35.  Cohen: Dad doesn't like to tell people how old he is.  He says he is 29.  But THAT IS OLD!
Even Mason recognized Benita from the Skype Screen and loves her!!
Top row:  Braden, Parker, Cohen, Jake, Corbin
Bottom:  Berlin, Maggie, Hayden
(Cohen must have a thing for red heads!!)
My girlfriends took me out for my birthday that weekend to BRICK OVEN!  I freaking love that place.  Then we all went and saw the new Twilight!  It was such a fun fun night!

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