Friday, July 13, 2012

Independance Day

Who doesn't love the 4th of July!?! We are so blessed to live in a free country.  I hope it continues for my little people and theirs.  We had such a great day with Dad and family. 

The weather was perfect as we sat and watched the parade.  Coy brought his lunchbox to put all his candy in.  He was hilarious to watch.  Coy had his wave on autopilot. I told him they only threw candy if the kids waved so he never stopped he often missed the candy that was thrown to him.  Good thing he had Scouty and others to collect it for him!

Scout, Palmer, and Livvy were beautiful.  Love them.

The boys were so lucky to be in the parade with Grandma and Grampa.  They road with an ATV group called SPEAR.  Cohen LOVED to throw candy and see people as he drove past in Grandpa's Razor. Don't worry though if you were thinking he didn't get any candy.  He sealed a deal with Olivia for her to get a lot for him.  And she did.

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