Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arch Canyon

Let's just say repelling makes me nervous.  So many things can go wrong!  Like... falling.  So I was nervous when that was the combined YW/YM activity.  But off we went to Arch Canyon.  It turned out to be fun!  Watching that is... and encouraging each girl to come down.  After looking around I noticed that I was the only one that hadn't done it.  So I decided I better do it.  But it really made my stomach want to throw up and my hands were so sweaty I didn't think I could hold the rope.  But I did it!  Now I don't have to do that again.  :)  Love these brave girls and leaders!!

 It was so hard to convince yourself to go over the edge backwards but then it was no sweat!

 Heaven, Megan and Shiniah
 Collin (YM Pres) and Shiniah
 Sis. Natani Laws

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