Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Activities

 I really love Fall.  Pretty much I love everything about it.  I love going up to Noelle's and spending the weekend doing traditions and activities.  So we gathered cousins and went to Cornbellies.  So much to do there!  The kids played for hours.  Of course I had to lose my wallet and spent a good hour wondering around till I heard my name announced on the speaker that someone turned it in.  I am always amazed at how many nice people go the extra mile and turn stuff in that I have lost.  I know, if it sounds like I lose things a lot, it's because I do.  I really try not too but I am just giving the people who find my stuff an opportunity to do the right thing.  Sharing blessings.  ha ha.

 Face painting and the haunted tent were the biggest hits.  Mason was super scared of the fireworks but as long as he could rock on the donkey thing he was happy as pie.

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