Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Recapture Pockets

Recapture Pockets is the place to hide a million eggs with an endless supply of candy.  Recapture will always have this tradition of Easter weekend to me.  It is always fun, hanging out and chatting with family and friends and more importantly eating deviled eggs!  Mason is at my favorite age and he is so cute I could eat him.  He is such a big boy to sit in a chair and eat his sandwich...but that lasted only a moment before it was on the ground!

The kids have loads of fun climbing rocks and trying to spy where the highest eggs are because they are usually filled with a few quarters.

Cohen wasn't feeling so well.  He couldn't breathe, but he was a trooper and did his best to find eggs too - most of which he couldn't eat.  He was just hoping for money and I usually buy his candy from him.

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