Tuesday, October 15, 2013

McCoy's Birthday Party

Nana had sent us these Dinosaur sprinkles and we could not pass up putting them on cupcakes for Coy's birthday party.
 Top Row: Kessia, Dodger, Taylee, Palmer  Bottom:  Adison, Aspyn and Trace
 MCoy is a girl lover.  He loves his friends very much.  He has a great time, especially with Adi.  Whenever he sees any princess thing or girly thing he is asking me to buy it for Adi.
 I'm not really sure what I was thinking about taking a bunch of four year olds bowling, but I think they had fun!  After an hour and a half though, we decided, end of game or not, we were out!  Good thing I had Stacy by my side to help me out with the cute little ones.  I think they had more fun walking around the table and chairs in a game then the actual bowling!
 This little girl is Kessia.  Coy thinks she is his girlfriend and in their conversation I overheard that she thinks he is her boyfriend too.  They play so well together and it is craft city!

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