Monday, October 14, 2013

A Change...

Ever since Olivia was a baby I have enjoyed being in YW.  Every baby I had I thought there was no way I could keep being in YW.  It was hard to leave with little ones and a family to tend to.  Sometimes I would drive to activities with tears and a prayer in my heart that everything would be OK and that I could be a good leader.  The blessings my family have received from my calling are not countable.  Each temple trip, activity, fireside, Sunday lesson, Wed activity grew my testimony.  The thing is, I might have gone into YW thinking that I could teach the girls a thing or two but the opposite happened to me.  They taught me more than I ever thought possible.  The youth of our church are strong.  They choose the right.  They are not afraid.

When I was released from my calling I had so many mixed emotions.  First I didn't really think it was going to happen.  I was finding myself wondering what I would do with my extra time.  Then I began to fear what calling I was going to get next.  I wondered how I would hear about the girls' dates, their fears, their happy moments. How was I going to get them to do personal progress if I didn't know what they were up to?  Would the new leaders care for them as much as I did?  All these emotions came through as tears as I got released that day.

I realized that my testimony got stronger somehow between all the hectic days, all the planning and preparing.  I have a testimony in the Savior Jesus Christ.  I know without a doubt he loves the youth and he will take care of them as new leaders come and go in these girls' lives.  I am grateful to be such a small part of that because it made me be a better person, have a stronger testimony and have faith in our future in this crazy world we live in.  I am so so so grateful for my husband who supported me for the past 7 years to be able to do everything necessary for my calling.  I was gone a lot which meant he had to take on more responsibilities.  I couldn't have done it without him.  I will be forever grateful.  I guess for now, I have many letters to write as my YW head out in the mission field!

 The best thing that I finished in YW is ... I got my personal progress necklace ...again!  Loved every minute.

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