Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nathan and Lexi's Wedding

Ah!! This wedding was so beautiful! Lexi looked absolutely amazing!  What a beautiful bride with the love of her life.  It was fun to be involved in all the decorating and cuteness that was involved.  I secretly was glad I only have 1 girl because it might be a doozy!!  A good one that is!
The happy couple!
My fans

Happy cousin friends - Coy and Alleyah
Beautiful Jensen
Seriously.  I HEART Burlap - the decorations were beautiful and vintage.
My Angel Olivia
The dessert table-umm YUM!!
 It's not often we are all the same time...ready for a photo op.  But this time we got it!!  All the Lyman girls!

The perfect ending to the weekend was Baby Rome's Blessing. 

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