Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to Coy!

MCCOY!!! My cutest little 4 year old buddy! This kid is so much fun to be around he makes being a mom a cakewalk.  He always looks for reasons to be happy.  I like to sneak up on his play and just spy on him.  It makes my day.

 He does love his little girl friends.  This is Addi.  They play so great together.  He has so many little girls that he plays with and loves.  He is definitely a gentle dude.  Although, when it gets too girly in play time he lets them know it.  Sometimes, it has happened before, that his dinosaurs will eat the princesses. 

Coy longs to be "a big kid" and likes to try out his independence.  He loves to walk home from Grandma's house.  He likes to run ahead of my car.  It's pretty cute how he runs and holds up the back of his pants so they don't fall down!  Then he will dead stop and wave to me and then take off running again. 
For Coy's birthday dinner we made homemade macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets.  They were soo good! Even though Coy was so excited about his dinner, he didn't really eat that.  I guess we made it too much of an adult version!  :)

Coy's favorite thing is dinosaurs.  He loves loves them.  He asked that all his gifts be dinosaur-related.  I did my best with a few exceptions. 
Coy and Grandpa Lyman

Dear Coy,

There is a big difference between age 3 and age 4.  Four is big!!!  You are growing up so fast and are as sweet as ever. Right now, your life revolves around dinosaurs.  HA!  It is so funny to watch how you learn everything about them and are always correcting me on the name of each dinosaur.  You make me laugh!  You are always playing fun tricks on me!  Stinker!  One of my favorite things you do is you always give me the "I Love You" sign language symbol.  You could be crying on the floor but your little hand will come up and give me the sign.  I am pretty sure your heart is made of sugar.  You always tell me that you aren't tough, you're brave and I think that's so true.  Your Heavenly Father loves you so much and is very mindful of you.  I love your tiny prayers.  You speak to Heavenly Father like you know him.  And I think it is very legit that you ask that nice dinosaurs can come alive again.  I could squeeze you forever little man!  I love you to the moon and back!

Love, Mom

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