Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Luke is HERE!

On July 24th, Luke was born. No words can describe the anxiety I felt when I got the call from Benita that she was starting to have contractions.  I felt so excited and nervous at the same time.  Benita was finally going to have her baby!  I desperately wanted to be with her but it just wasn't possible.  I would find myself busting into tears and my heart breaking when she was on the phone with me in pain.  I probably would have ran to her house if I could, but I knew that was not possible.  But he came, safe and sound.  Beautiful baby boy!!  I love this little man and I love that Benita got her little baby.  So as soon as I could I made my way down to Arizona.  I brought my own little baby lover, Olivia and my baby Mason.  We had fun loving on Luke, giving him baths and just hanging out.  The time was too short of course and it was hard to say goodbye.

Mason had a hard time understanding that was his swing and his blanket and pretty much his binkie but he couldn't have them cause we gave them to Luke!  He fell on his face and got quite beat up!!  BOYS!

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