Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fair Week 2013

This week is always such a sad/happy week. We get to say goodbye to the pigs (sad) and we get to say goodbye to those pigs (happy)! Jeremy had to work, so I was so lucky that Jed and Candice helped me so much!  Livvy named her pig Cochon.  Cochon is French for pig. (Even while writing this post, Olivia came over and said how much she missed Cochon.  She has the most loving heart for animals.)

McCoy and Mason were great supporters. Coy found lots of freedom as I handed him a dollar to go get a snow cone.  When I ran out of dollars, he knew that Grandpa had dollars.  Ha! He also spent a lot of time at the bounce houses.  That's the good thing about a small town and the fair.  Within 5 minutes I can locate that boy!

This year in particular, pigs were smaller than in the past.  Not sure why, but some of our pigs didn't make weight.  That is always disappointing.  There are many things that the judges look at when judging pigs.  I am not sure what they are. :)  I hear they change from judge to judge.  But we do it for fun, so whatever ranking they get is the order in which the kids sell their pigs.  Cohen's pig got into Star Class.  But I can't remember overall what Cohen got.  Dang.  But pretty good.  Livvy's pig limped (according to her, Cochon fell in a hole when we first started walking her) so the judges didn't give her pig a good rank. She was pretty disappointed when she got let out to the ring.  On the other hand, Cohen pushed his pig to the side of the ring where I was standing and asked if he could just be done and go out.  Oh boy.  I told him no, (very calmly) and told him to go follow the judge around and for goodness sakes smile and act like he loves it!!

Stacy and Palmer were big supporters of team Lyman and team Redd!  Stinking cute.
Camryn with her awesome steer!  All the cousins named their cows after pig meat.  Camryn's name was,  ya, I can't remember.  If someone reads this who knows, will you tell me?? Rump Roast?

This little guy spent a lot of time wobbling around with the stick whacking people as they came by.  Good thing he was cute.

I seriously kick myself for not recording Cohen going in to the bidding ring.  He was the cutest thing ever.  He was super smiley and apparently he thought I told him to wave the whole time in the ring.  So that's what he did!  He WAVED in the ring to everyone the entire time! I was dying laughing!! The more the crowd laughed the more he ate it up.  It was so great.  Even the auctioneer started laughing and it broke up his chain of bidding!  How could they not bid that little guy up! 

Later Livvy came into the ring.  She was darling.  She was more nervous than Cohen but still did great.  One of the Cowboys told every little kid that if they sat on their pig, he would give them $5.  NONE of the kids did it.  Little did he know, that Livvy was a pro at jumping on her pig.  So after she got over her nervousness, she hopped on and was presented with her $5.  He didn't think she would do it.  He doesn't know Livvy.  I was so proud of her!

After a long week we were ready to go home and get ready for school starting next week. 

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