Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

Friday night was spent meeting Benita's new family-to-be.  They were all very nice and we all agreed that we loved Benita and Scott.  The restaurant was overlooking the docks.  It was so pretty.  JUST wish we could have had some nicer San Diego weather but it DIDN'T rain on us so we were good! (It's not very often that all my sisters are in the same place at the same time, but we didn't manage to get a picture!  You have no idea how much this bugs me!!!!!)
There was plenty of chat time so the kids had to find a way to entertain themselves... and they did. There were blue and yellow balloons which the kids had fun hitting around, blowing bubbles and just causing mischief anywhere they could! Kingston loved Aaron and they were together a lot.  So cute.
Cohen was checking out Scott's Groom-to-be button. 
Aaron was learning how to take pictures from his Dad (Uncle Don)
Holly is such a fun Aunt.  She loves those kids and they love her.  Coy LOVES Holly!
Lisa's kids are so amazing, so polite I just love them.
I don't love this one of me but I LOVE any picture I have with J.  He usually doesn't let me take them. Especially when I can see his cute dimples!
Tays and Livvy spent a lot of time together.  So cute!

It is safe to say that Benita is well loved by everyone.  She was glowing all night. My family adores her. She has been there for me since forever.  I always refer to her as my thick and thin because she doesn't just hang for the good times, she is there for the bad too.  Love you little B!

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