Saturday, March 31, 2012

Second Stop: San Diego Zoo

The next stop in California was the San Diego Zoo. I had decided a while back that there was no way I could do all that walking and be able to walk the next day so I rented a little scooter. It was AWFUL! I totally have an appreciation for people in a wheel chair or a scooter. No one would move and I was almost in tears twice before I scooted myself right back to return it within the first hour. There were so many people and no one to help so it just wasn't worth it.

The first thing we did was take a bus tour of the animals. Then we had a bus pass that was great! It was a shuttle between the 5 major areas in the zoo, which was great!  McCoy was obsessed with the map.  He carried it around and kept referring to it.  It was by far his favorite souvenir.

We stopped at the monkey cages for a long while.  Cohen loved it.  He is our little monkey.  :) 

One fun stop was the 4D movie Happy Feet.  It was a nice break and it was super cool. We got sprayed with water, poked in the back, bubbles blown on us and something grabbed us under the seat! I loved it!
I think the kids liked the statues of all the animals more than the animals!  Livvy wanted to climb on everything with Cohen! The elephants were McCoy's favorite!
We got to ride the sky tram over the zoo and it was super fun. 

We stayed until the park closed and saw everything the kids wanted to see.  We couldn't complain much about the weather because at least it didn't rain on us.  When the sun was out it was warm and when it went away it was cool. All in all it was a fun family day. :)

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